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New American Funding – Sparks provides informed advice and mortgage lending services to homeowners and future homeowners. Sparks mortgage lenders takes their lead from our founders and owners Rick and Patty Arvielo who are passionate about helping homebuyers in the Sparks community and across the country realize their dream of home ownership.

Our dedicated team is proud to serve the people of Sparks, NV as a reliable mortgage bank from the loan origination stage to the actual funding. We serve clients of all backgrounds and believe Sparks is better off as a whole when more people purchase homes here and contribute to the fabric of our neighborhoods.

Come see what makes our elite Sparks team of underwriters and funders some of the best in the business at closing loans quickly and offering customer’s a positive experience.

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Based on 473 reviews

Meet The Team

Aaron DeHart Image
Aaron DeHart

Sr. Loan Consultant

NMLS #309045

(775) 461-1252

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Chardonnay Rodriguez Image
Chardonnay Rodriguez

Production Assistant

(775) 461-2814

Chris Scurti Image
Chris Scurti

Loan Officer Assistant

(775) 297-4768

Colton Creveling Image
Colton Creveling

Marketing Assistant

(775) 461-2037

Kristen Velasquez Image
Kristen Velasquez

Loan Consultant

NMLS #1278223

(775) 434-1123

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Vicki Rosenstengel Image
Vicki Rosenstengel

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS #1168789

(775) 473-6763

Jessica Vaughn Image
Jessica Vaughn

Loan Consultant

NMLS #331447

(775) 990-4239

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Magz Creveling Image
Magz Creveling

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS #1746109

(775) 297-4775

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Janel Hvegholm Image
Janel Hvegholm

Sr. Loan Consultant

NMLS #222555

(775) 501-8533

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Enilah Nunez Image
Enilah Nunez

Loan Consultant

NMLS #1278226

(775) 573-4001

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Karen Rice Image
Karen Rice

Loan Consultant

NMLS #252921

(775) 461-2810

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Colton King Image
Colton King

Loan Officer Assistant

(775) 801-8603

Heather Creveling Image
Heather Creveling

Loan Consultant

NMLS #367453

(775) 461-2809

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