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New American Funding – Temecula provides informed advice and mortgage lending services to homeowners and future homeowners. Temecula mortgage lenders takes their lead from our founders and owners Rick and Patty Arvielo who are passionate about helping homebuyers in the Temecula community and across the country realize their dream of home ownership.

Our dedicated team is proud to serve the people of Temecula, CA as a reliable mortgage bank from the loan origination stage to the actual funding. We serve clients of all backgrounds and believe Temecula is better off as a whole when more people purchase homes here and contribute to the fabric of our neighborhoods.

Come see what makes our elite Temecula team of underwriters and funders some of the best in the business at closing loans quickly and offering customer’s a positive experience.

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Meet The Team

Mark McLeavy Image
Mark McLeavy

Branch Manager

NMLS #485548

(951) 238-6956

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Anel Moore Image
Anel Moore

Loan Consultant

NMLS #1564519

(951) 252-2050

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Araceli Carrillo Image
Araceli Carrillo

Production Assistant

(951) 252-9292

Beth Richards Image
Beth Richards

Production Assistant

NMLS #1076404

(951) 297-3586

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Christine Eskina Image
Christine Eskina

Sales Manager

NMLS #290865

(951) 238-6946

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Christine Miller LOA Image
Christine Miller LOA

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS #1669744

(951) 501-5697

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Felicia Petersen Image
Felicia Petersen

Loan Consultant

NMLS #1033077

(951) 238-6968

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Kevin Draughon Image
Kevin Draughon

Production Manager

NMLS #246334

(951) 238-6971

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Michelle Magana Image
Michelle Magana

Sales Manager

NMLS #1056085

(951) 238-6922

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Warren Berkholtz Image
Warren Berkholtz

Sr. Loan Consultant

NMLS #1412556

(951) 238-6954

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Tracey Garamone Image
Tracey Garamone

Loan Consultant

NMLS #301334

(951) 383-4674

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Paula Vega Image
Paula Vega

Loan Officer Assistant

(951) 238-6977

Luis Baez Image
Luis Baez

Marketing Coordinator

(951) 667-1022

Lauren Curry Image
Lauren Curry

Production Manager

NMLS #1052874

(951) 252-9291

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Logan Crow Image
Logan Crow

Loan Consultant

NMLS #85215

(310) 897-1762

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Diego Talavera Image
Diego Talavera

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS #1610113

(951) 501-5649

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Jonathan Mezzadri Image
Jonathan Mezzadri

Sales Manager

NMLS #792129

(951) 238-6962

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Jessica Castro Image
Jessica Castro

Sales Manager

NMLS #263246

(951) 238-6950

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Coni Davidson Image
Coni Davidson

Loan Consultant

NMLS #249909

(951) 501-5603

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