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New American Funding – Greenwood Village opened its doors to the public in 2013 and has been providing expert advice and mortgage lending services ever since. Greenwood Village mortgage lenders takes their lead from our founders and owners Rick and Patty Arvielo who are passionate about helping homebuyers in the Greenwood Village community and across the country realize their dream of home ownership.

Our dedicated team is proud to serve the people of Greenwood Village, CO as a reliable mortgage bank from the loan origination stage to the actual funding. We serve clients of all backgrounds and believe Greenwood Village is better off as a whole when more people purchase homes here and contribute to the fabric of our neighborhoods.

Come see what makes our elite Greenwood Village team of underwriters and funders some of the best in the business at closing loans quickly and offering customer’s a positive experience.

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Based on 3,867 reviews

Frank G. of Parrish, FL for Todd Gehrke

Transaction Completed: 1/20/2022

Todd and his team were very personable. They took the time to explain the process and even went above and beyond to help us get the best rate possible. The information was clear and communicated effectively. Everything went smoothly and they were great to work with during the entire process.

Brandy M. of Denver, CO for Sarah Alberts

Transaction Completed: 1/19/2022

Sarah has great communication and works extremely hard!! Incredible lender!!

Meet The Team

Aaron Ninness

Regional Manager

NMLS #256107
LMB #100030225

(303) 927-0102

Allyssa Moore
Allyssa Moore

Loan Officer Assistant

(720) 627-8809

Sarah Alberts

Sr. Loan Consultant

NMLS #1032969
LMB #100045768

(720) 366-9200

Shay Jenkins

Loan Consultant

NMLS #1514100
LMB #100504797

(303) 507-6794

Kirt Bishop

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS #363783
LMB #100500190

(720) 943-9906

Katie Keyes
Katie Keyes

Loan Officer Assistant

(303) 482-3275

Jaimie Hoffmann
Jaimie Hoffmann

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS #1608560

(720) 627-7422

Holly Jarvis
Holly Jarvis

Loan Officer Assistant

(720) 627-7518

Curt Samuelson

Sales Manager

NMLS #501319
LMB #LMB100037495

(303) 219-1430

Bridgette Sweet

Sr. Loan Consultant

NMLS #640484
LMB #100007992

(303) 997-0437

Deano Karavites

Loan Consultant

NMLS #1288496
LMB #100507191

(720) 627-8780

Carmen Gundlach
Carmen Gundlach

Area Production Manager

(303) 800-0237

Beth Busick

Sr. Loan Consultant

NMLS #1193952
LMB #100507946

(720) 403-8553

Manny Dominguez
Manny Dominguez

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS #1701414

(800) 450-2010

Vikie Henderson
Vikie Henderson

Executive Assistant

(720) 259-6265

Milton Karavites

SVP, Mountain West

NMLS #256789
LMB #LMB100029201

(303) 731-6568

Nick Karavites

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS #1828556
LMB #100517286

(720) 627-8815

Sherri Grant

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS #791023
LMB #100037611

(303) 997-0436

Todd Gehrke

Sales Manager

NMLS #248559
LMB #100017147

(720) 608-0013

Tonja Ohnemus

Loan Consultant

NMLS #1930953
LMB #100518276

(303) 818-0485

Anne Schoelzel

Hybrid Loan Consultant

NMLS #375968
LMB #100010460

(303) 353-0404

Ben Binger

Sr. Loan Consultant

NMLS #1322594
LMB #100056047

(303) 927-0078

Brandon Briese

Loan Consultant

NMLS #219467
LMB #100018852

(720) 598-9332

George Tsoupakis

Reverse Loan Consultant

NMLS #1378662
LMB #100500549

(303) 225-7930

Gerry Stasiak

Loan Consultant

NMLS #236064
LMB #100026020

(720) 273-1200

Sean Young

Sr. Loan Consultant

NMLS #191647
LMB #100013240

(720) 627-7281

Mike Mora
Mike Mora

Production Assistant

NMLS #1718975
LMB #100512785

(720) 403-9849

Meredith Chackel

Loan Consultant

NMLS #93278
LMB #100019764

(303) 562-9822

Mike Troisi

Loan Consultant

NMLS #259056
LMB #LMB100011973

(303) 219-1423

LaVonda Vaughn-Butler

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS #1138089
LMB #100503399

(303) 459-5483

Mandy Glennon

Loan Consultant

NMLS #47874
LMB #100019750

(800) 450-2010

Renee Boulet

Loan Consultant

NMLS #1170732
LMB #100509220

(800) 450-2010

Sara Trujillo

Sr Loan Consultant

NMLS #892373
LMB #100049401

(800) 450-2010

Peter Strahler

Sales Manager

NMLS #300355
LMB #100010634

(303) 586-4840

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Mission Statement: The New American Dream initiative combines hard work, integrity, a team effort, and continuous learning to increase the rate of Black Homeownership in America. Our purpose is to provide racial equity and build consumer confidence through home buying education, accessibility to credit, and mortgage industry career opportunity awareness to black communities.

We're Committed: At New American Funding, we believe in the power of Black Homeownership. We take great pride in creating opportunities for all communities and are committed to bridging the racial wealth gap. It's why we come to work each day.