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New American Funding – Atlanta provides informed advice and mortgage lending services to homeowners and future homeowners. Atlanta mortgage lenders takes their lead from our founders and owners Rick and Patty Arvielo who are passionate about helping homebuyers in the Atlanta community and across the country realize their dream of home ownership.

Our dedicated team is proud to serve the people of Atlanta, GA as a reliable mortgage bank from the loan origination stage to the actual funding. We serve clients of all backgrounds and believe Atlanta is better off as a whole when more people purchase homes here and contribute to the fabric of our neighborhoods.

Come see what makes our elite Atlanta team of underwriters and funders some of the best in the business at closing loans quickly and offering customer’s a positive experience.

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Based on 2032 reviews

Zena L. of Atlanta, GA for Jeff Glick

Transaction Completed: 1/18/2021

The team's effort and diligence.

Chinatsu K. of Cumming, GA for Jeff Glick

Transaction Completed: 1/17/2021

Quick communication and precise instruction.

Meet The Team

Toby Lane Image
Toby Lane

Branch Manager

NMLS #204255

(800) 450-2010

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Albert Oluwole Image
Albert Oluwole

Sr. Loan Consultant

NMLS #1495528

(678) 956-6361

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Austin Hoffer Image
Austin Hoffer

Loan Consultant

NMLS #1603558

(770) 225-1081

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Ana Avila Image
Ana Avila

Loan Officer Assistant

(678) 436-3528

Christine OBrien Image
Christine OBrien

Sr. Loan Consultant

NMLS #174453

(404) 963-9328

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Dauly Amador Image
Dauly Amador

Sr. Loan Consultant

NMLS #1593667

(770) 870-5153

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Matt Reyes Image
Matt Reyes

Loan Consultant

NMLS #1336339

(770) 870-5126

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David White Image
David White

Business Development Manager

(770) 870-5154

Eric Montgomery Image
Eric Montgomery

Loan Consultant

NMLS #1543208

(404) 267-6662

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Ivan Carrasquero Image
Ivan Carrasquero

Loan Consultant

NMLS #1871819

(404) 205-8146

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Jane Schatz Image
Jane Schatz

Sr. Loan Consultant

NMLS #212503

(770) 870-5129

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Darlene Shutley Image
Darlene Shutley

Branch Coordinator

(678) 820-4426

Jeff Glick Image
Jeff Glick

Loan Consultant

NMLS #203964

(770) 870-5150

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Kim Arrington Image
Kim Arrington

Branch Manager

NMLS #218594

(404) 946-7650

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Kell Pastush Image
Kell Pastush

Divisional Marketing Manager

(770) 310-2597

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Kelly Allison Image
Kelly Allison

Southeast Divisional, VP

(770) 870-5146

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Judy Butler Image
Judy Butler

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS #1747181

(770) 450-6894

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Micheline St Fleur Image
Micheline St Fleur

Sr. Loan Consultant

NMLS #487623

(404) 946-7349

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Mandy Cai Image
Mandy Cai

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS #1684406

(404) 260-6250

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LaShonda Wilson Image
LaShonda Wilson

Sr. Loan Consultant

NMLS #939215

(678) 389-4154

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LaRhonda Williams Image
LaRhonda Williams

Production Assistant

(678) 321-1933

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Sarah Laprade Image
Sarah Laprade

Executive Assistant

(770) 870-5119

Scott McQueen Image
Scott McQueen

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS #1457107

(770) 870-5151

Scott Chapman Image
Scott Chapman

Loan Consultant

NMLS #373654

(404) 267-6661

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Mike Beltran Image
Mike Beltran

Loan Consultant

NMLS #1631646

(678) 374-4563

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My Tran Image
My Tran

Graphic Designer

(404) 946-7663

Maui Parra Image
Maui Parra

Branch Manager

NMLS #1460979

(770) 884-8076

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Matt Vaughan Image
Matt Vaughan

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS #1401192

(770) 870-5138

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Maria Briceno Image
Maria Briceno

Loan Consultant

NMLS #1711979

(404) 777-3739

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Jennifer Schwede Image
Jennifer Schwede

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS #1328684

(770) 870-5137

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