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How a $500 Rent Increase Led to Homeownership for this Veteran

How a $500 Rent Increase Led to Homeownership for this Veteran

Lisa Simpson, a dedicated veteran living in Killeen, Texas, faced a daunting situation that has become all too familiar to many Americans today. Her landlord was raising her rent from $1,500 to a staggering $2,000 a month.

Despite the challenges of a strained credit score due to divorce, Lisa was determined to turn this setback into an opportunity. She decided there was no better time to buy a home and secure stability for herself and her mother.

Lisa was referred to Leslie Bergen, a branch manager for New American Funding who also leads the charge at NAF Heroes, an initiative to increase homeownership for military service members, veterans, and their families.

Bergen shared, "Lisa Simpson came to us after being turned down by several lenders. She is a single mom and a disabled veteran. We reviewed her application and took the time to hear her story and document her file properly. She had a low credit score, but she met the requirements for a VA loan. We, the entire team, made time to hear her and to see what owning a home would mean to her. She closed a week before Thanksgiving, and this changed her life. So many lenders look at a credit score and move on – we look at the family we are looking to serve and help tell their story and help them be homeowners. It’s a great privilege to serve those who serve or have served our country."



Within two months, Lisa and her mother were in a home that was perfect for them. Their new home is a three-bedroom home with a big backyard. It also has a step-in shower with a built-in bench in the primary bedroom, which is ideal for her mother. It's also just a few minutes from her job, where she helps fellow veterans find employment for the Texas Veterans Commission.



After her divorce, Lisa never imagined owning property again. This new home was life-changing and perfectly tailored to her needs. When asked what the best part was of owning a home, she replied, "Knowing that I don't have to move over and over. The moving part is horrible."

The VA home loan program has been instrumental in helping veterans like Lisa achieve homeownership. This program offers benefits like no down payment, no private mortgage insurance, and competitive interest rates.

When asked what advice she had for other women in similar situations, she said, "Don't give up. And don't tell yourself no. Because that ‘no’ that I've heard for the past 15 years echoes. Echoes. And it holds you back." Lisa's story is a testament to the strength and determination that define our veterans; we honor them this month and year-round.



If you're a veteran facing similar housing challenges, consider reaching out to New American Funding for VA loans. Visit our VA state-level pages for additional resources and start your journey towards homeownership today.


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