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NAF Cash

What is NAF Cash?

In today’s real estate market, cash buyers have the advantage. NAF Cash*, an affiliated company of New American Funding, levels the playing field and helps traditional homebuyers compete, win, and maybe save money too – with all the conveniences that come with being a cash buyer. Sellers love the certainty of cash. You’ll love the convenience, getting the home of your dreams in a stress-free, end-to-end experience, with potential money savings too.

  • All-cash homebuyers are four times more likely to win a bidding war1
  • A study from researchers at the University of California - San Diego finds that in the last ten years, cash buyers pay about 11% less than those using a mortgage2
  • Recently, cash buyers made up 27% of all home purchases3
  • Corporate investors snapped up 15% of U.S. homes for sale in the first quarter of this year4
  • The median price of an American house has increased by 28% over the last two years5

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The Confidence and Convenience of Cash

With NAF Cash, you become a cash buyer. Backed by the strength of a cash offer you can compete with cash buyers, win, and maybe save money too! NAF Cash will buy your chosen home upfront with cash and then sell it back to you for the original price (plus a small convenience fee, which can be added into the purchase price of the home) when you are ready to move in with permanent financing in place. Ready to move in before selling your old home? No problem! With NAF Cash, you can move in and rent your new home while you work on selling your old home or securing financing on the new one. With NAF Cash, you can become a cash buyer, bid with confidence, and get your offer accepted – potentially under asking price.

Benefits of NAF Cash

  • By becoming a cash buyer with NAF Cash, you may be able to buy your home for less and close faster than traditional buyers, potentially saving you money and getting you into your new home faster.
  • You don’t have to sell your current home first. You have up to 90 days to sell your existing home. That gives you a competitive advantage of making a make a cash offer with no financing or appraisal contingency.
  • You can start your new life in your new home sooner – close fast and avoid hotels and storage rentals while you transition residences.
  • Stand out from the competition as a cash buyer. Sellers like the security and convenience of cash buyers. With NAF Cash, you can make your bid more attractive than those using traditional financing, giving you a huge competitive advantage at a time when housing inventory is low.

Are You a Real Estate Agent?

Give your clients the cash buyer advantage. Take the first step towards making your buyers cash buyers by becoming NAF Cash Certified! This quick 1-hour training course will make you a NAF Cash expert.

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Loan Programs

  • Conventional Loan: Minimum Credit Score 620, down payment as low as 5%
  • VA Loan**: Minimum Credit Score 620, as low as 0% down payment

Ready to Win Now? Becoming a cash buyer has never been easier. Connect now to find out more.

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*NAF Cash, LLC, an affiliated real estate company of New American Funding, will purchase subject property in cash and then sell it back to borrower. NAF Cash, LLC does not originate loans or issue loan commitments.

**Exceptions can be made if borrower meets Credit Standards.






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