non qm loan Non-Qualified Mortgage (Non-QM) loans are typically for borrowers with unique income qualifying circumstances. There are millions of people who may have the income but don't qualify with their tax returns, W-2s or pay stubs alone.

Many people have fluctuating incomes, lump sum incomes or are self employed such as independent business owners, entrepreneurs, contractors, hospitality workers, retirees, actors, artists, musicians, etc.

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What Is a Non-QM Loan?

How Do Non-QM Mortgages Work

Non-QM loans can fill the niche for those who don't necessarily fit into the "qualified-mortgage box." A qualified mortgage follows rules set by the CFPB and Federal Government; however, a Non-QM loan use alternate methods of income verification to help you get approved for a mortgage loan.

What a Non-QM Loan Is Not:

  • It is not a subprime mortgage
  • It is not a "stated-income" loan

What a Non-QM Loan Is:

  • A home financing solution for responsible borrowers with unique financial circumstances
  • A flexible home loan that covers a variety of consumer needs

Types of Income Verification Methods Allowed for Non-QM Loans:

Full Documentation (same as qualified mortgages)

One-Year Tax Return Program

  • Amortizing borrowers must be self employed for two years
  • Personal tax returns for past year, including all schedules and attachments
  • Business tax returns for same year with all schedules
  • Signed business Profit and Loss statement in many cases

Bank Statement Program

  • Personal or business statements
  • 100% of eligible deposits from personal and business accounts
  • Profit and Loss statement required for 12 months or previous year and YTD

Asset Depletion (purchase or rate-and-term refinance only, owner-occupied or second homes)

  • 60-day account history required
  • 100% of vested retirement for borrowers over 59 ½ years old and 50% of vested retirement assets if borrowers are under 59 ½ years old
  • Used 3% rate of return on assets amortized over seven years

Non-QM Loan Benefits

  • Ideal for self employed and or people with non-traditional financial circumstances
  • Alternative income verification methods accepted
  • Multiple fixed and adjustable loan options are available
  • Loan maximum is as high as $2.5 million
  • Cash out may be as high as $500,000
  • Second homes and investment properties may be eligible

Non-QM Eligibility

A New American Funding Loan Officer can assess your individual employment, asset and income profile to determine if this product is right for you. It fits a broad range of potential consumers so speak with a lending professional to determine your eligibility today.

Non-QM Home Loan Options

The Non-QM loan can be used for a rate-and-term refinance, a cash out refinance, a new home purchase for owner-occupied or second homes.

Give us a call to learn more about how a Non-QM loan might be the right home financing solution for you.

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