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NAF Heroes: Supporting Military Families

NAF Heroes: Supporting Military Families

New American Funding's NAF Heroes initiative stands as a shining example of commitment and support, a testament to the resilience and hope that define the American spirit. This program, passionately spearheaded by Leslie Bergen, Loan Officer and Branch Manager, is not just an initiative; it's a movement deeply rooted in understanding and supporting those who have bravely served the nation. Leslie has a profound connection to the military community and brings a unique empathy and insight to NAF Heroes. She makes sure that it resonates not just as a support system but as a lighthouse of hope for veterans.

The Four Pillars of NAF Heroes

NAF Heroes emerged from the realization of a significant gap in support for veterans transitioning back to civilian life. More than mere financial assistance, it encompasses a comprehensive approach, built on four critical pillars: Employment Initiatives, Community Engagement, Education, and Empowerment, and Financial Guidance. Each pillar addresses a specific aspect of veterans' needs, collectively offering a robust support system that goes beyond traditional methods.

Employment Initiatives for Veterans

Employment Initiatives, a key component of NAF Heroes, focuses on bridging the gap between military service and civilian employment. This pillar provides veterans with crucial opportunities like internships and career placements, smoothing their transition and opening new doors. Leslie emphasizes the importance of this pillar, suggesting that helping veterans find their footing in the civilian job market is not just about providing opportunities but by making sure these opportunities are meaningful and rewarding.

Community Engagement Efforts

Community Engagement involves building strong, supportive relationships with veteran communities. It's about recognizing these families as vital members of society and making sure they have the support and acknowledgment they deserve. Leslie's priority for NAF Heroes is making sure our veterans and their families feel integrated and valued in their communities.

Education and Empowerment for Employees

Education and Empowerment focuses on training NAF employees to serve military families with the utmost understanding and expertise. This guarantees that the unique needs of these families are met with the highest level of care and efficiency. Education is crucial so we can strive to understand the unique challenges military families face. When we do that, we can serve them not just as clients, but as heroes who deserve our utmost respect and dedication.

Financial Guidance for Veterans

Financial Guidance offers tailored financial solutions, including VA loans, critical for veterans seeking to secure their future. Leslie passionately speaks about this aspect, noting how financial stability is key in providing a smooth transition for our veterans. Through personalized financial guidance, we're not just offering loans; we're providing pathways to new beginnings.

A Veteran Mother's Success Story

The story of a veteran single mother, struggling to create a home for her children, beautifully illustrates the impact of NAF Heroes. This single mother was grappling with the aftermath of a difficult divorce. She found herself with a low credit score leading to rejections from five different lenders. However, her experience with NAF Heroes marked a turning point. Leslie and her team didn't just see a credit score; they saw a person with potential and a story that deserved to be heard.

They took the time to listen, understand her unique situation, and provided tailored guidance to navigate her financial challenges. NAF Heroes, recognizing her potential and understanding her circumstances, crafted a loan application that highlighted her strengths. They meticulously documented her story, focusing on her stable rental history, good job tenure, and solid cash reserves, despite her lack of reestablished credit. This approach allowed them to present a compelling case to the underwriters, emphasizing her suitability for a loan beyond just her credit score.

The veteran mother successfully closed on her loan right before Thanksgiving. This milestone was not just a financial triumph; it was a deeply personal victory, enabling her to provide a stable, loving home for her children. It was a heartwarming moment for everyone involved, as they celebrated her first Christmas in a new home. Facing daunting challenges, her resilience and determination mirror the spirit NAF Heroes aims to support.

Leslie's Personal Connection to the Military

Leslie's leadership in NAF Heroes transcends professional duty. She has an intimate understanding of the challenges military families face. She grew up in a military family, lives in El Paso, near a major Army base, and she's a military wife. This personal connection fuels her dedication to NAF Heroes, "My life has been intertwined with the military community, and it's this connection that drives me to ensure NAF Heroes isn't just effective, but transformative."

NAF Heroes: More Than an Initiative

NAF Heroes, under Leslie's stewardship, is more than a nod to military heroes; it's an ongoing tribute to their sacrifices. The initiative represents a unique convergence of empathy and expertise. It's about making sure that each veteran's story is not just heard, but met with effective, empathetic solutions. NAF Heroes transcends the concept of an initiative; it's a movement of hope and a testament to the enduring spirit of service. As Leslie said, "It's not just making the loan. It is making the relationship." And that philosophy is clear in every aspect of NAF Heroes, making it a true beacon of hope and support for veterans.

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