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Summertime Decorating Tips

summer living room decor

With summer just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about putting away those winter blankets and getting your home ready for backyard summer barbeques and dinner parties with family and friends.  This time of year, there are more hours of daylight and with all the colorful flowers beginning to bloom, why wouldn't you want to take advantage of getting your home summer ready too? The following home improvement tips will show you how to bring the summer fun into your home.

Summery Center Pieces

This is a great time to update that classy silver tray you normally use as your center piece and add a pitcher or vase on top. The possibilities of what you can add inside the pitcher or vase are endless. Try using cut citrusy fruit such as lemons and oranges on the bottom and place some bright summer flowers on top. Center pieces draw energy into the room, and lemons and oranges are believed to bring good Feng Shui energy. For more Feng Shui information, please read our blog "Feng Shui Your Home".


During the holidays, you may use cinnamon and gingerbread scented candles or soaps in your home, but now is the time to replace those with the summertime scents. Some favorites for this season are coconut, ocean breeze, or even a gardenia -any of these summer scents are almost guaranteed to make your home brighter. If you aren't too thrilled with burning candles during the warmer weather, try using scented plug-ins; they work just as well as candles and come in a variety of summer-themed scents.

Backyard BBQs

One of the best things about summer is how many more hours of daylight we get to enjoy; so why not take advantage of the longer days by having backyard barbecues with friends. Dust off that patio furniture and hang your fiesta lights in the trees. Ikea has amazing paper lanterns that can make any backyard instantly "summer ready". Add fun accent pillows to brighten up your patio furniture. Pick up a bamboo umbrella too, to make sure you have extra shade ready for those really hot days.

Colorful Table Setting

Summertime dinner parties are the perfect opportunity to break out your fun table settings. Florals, bright colors, or even nautical-themed plates and bowls will add an extra fun touch to your party. When serving drinks or cocktails, an umbrella or a fun stir stick could make all the difference. Find recipes for summer cocktails and mocktails that pair well with whatever you're serving for dinner or dessert. Add the center piece that I mentioned earlier, and you and your friends will really fell like you are on vacation.

Brighten up Your Linens

Summer colors are on trend right now, so why not use them in your home? This article from HGTV shows you how to use sunny yellow colors to decorate your home and brighten up the room. Yellow and white, along with accents of lime green, tangerine, and pink would be a fun way to bring summertime into your bedroom linens. The walls in your home may be neutral, but bright linens or even hanging wall art can help bring out the brightness of summer indoors.

Store Your Winter Blankets

Put away your warm, fuzzy winter blankets hanging over the back of your couch, and bring out the lightweight throws, and bright pillows. Make your living room comfy and bright by eliminating as many dark or dull colors as possible. Try replacing your heavy curtains, with sheer hangings. This will allow you to let in the sunlight and brighten up your rooms.

These summer decorating tips will be helpful when you are getting your home ready for this upcoming season.

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