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Feng Shui Your Home

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Spring is here, and it may be time to do some spring cleaning, rearrange your furniture, and brighten up your home. Sometimes we all need a change, and now could be the perfect time. I thought it was time to try this for myself, so I did some research and found some great answers from Rodika Tchi that were really helpful.  I elaborate on some of her key aspects that I found the most useful during my home make-over this past weekend.

We all know that creating a positive, welcoming energy in our home is very important but we either may not know how to do this, or may not be able to afford that designer to come in and decorate for us. I have found that Feng Shui can help create that peaceful living environment that we all strive for, especially if you are in need of a decorating make-over. The very basics to applying Feng Shui in your home is all about energy and making your living space feel open and clean. The first space I want to focus on is the master bedroom. This is your own space, and therefore the most important. Your bed will always be the place you begin and end the day, which means it is so essential to have a balanced and restorative energy here.

Placement of Your Bed

Before you decide on the placement of your bed, I suggest checking the current quality of your mattress, mattress pad, and sheets to ensure total comfortably. I am a firm believer that having the highest quality bed truly makes a difference. There are some things in life that we may need to make sacrifices on but your bed should never be one of them. There are several things to consider when thinking about the placement of your bed in your room. It is believed in traditional Chinese Feng Shui that your bed should not be "in line" with the door, meaning your feet should not be pointing towards the door when you are lying down. This is because this position resembles a coffin being taken away; definitely not something most people want to think about while they are trying to sleep. Since the concept of Feng Shui revolves around energy, the idea is that the energy is lost at night if your feet are closer to the door, as doors and closets serve as a threshold for energy. Find a way to line your bed up to a solid wall. Another suggestion for keeping negative energy out and promoting healthy energy flow is to keep all bedroom doors and closet doors closed at night. By doing so the new energy flow will keep bad dreams and dark images out of your thoughts while you are sleeping.

Your mattress should never touch the ground; always have separation by any form of a bed frame.  In an ideal situation, your bed should not be touching any walls on either side, although this might be a tricky one something because space does not always permit. Balanced energy around your bed is always something to strive for if you can.


A good source of light energy is one of the most basic elements of Feng Shui. It is strongly believed in Feng Shui that a healthy amount of light can give us the energy and nutrients that we need. Dimmers are a great way to adjust the Feng Shui energy in the room, as well. Painting your walls light colors is another great way to create positive energy. Dull or dark colors should be avoided. This is true for any room in your home because dark living rooms can be intimidating and less welcoming to guests. The idea is that there should be a central energy flow in any room in your home; the right lighting can help harness this.

Candles can also be relaxing, but make sure the candles do not have any toxins and are a fragrance that you will enjoy having in your space. And of course, safety first; and please do not leave them burning for too long or after you leave the house.


We live in a digital age and while it is not uncommon to have a television, laptop, and other electronics in your bedroom; in order to get a good restful night's sleep, these gadgets should be in another room. The idea is that all of these electronics should not be in the room you are recharging YOUR battery in. Plus, wouldn't it be nice to separate the racing stressful energy of work, and the buzz of entertainment, from your rejuvenating and peaceful space? The Feng Shui of your living room/entry room should promote a welcoming environment also. Things should not look cluttered or disheveled, which unfortunately electronics can sometimes do.  Try keeping them limited or separated to an entertainment area.

Feng Shui is a great way to brighten your home and give it that spring-clean feeling you may need this time of year. For other spring cleaning tips, check out "Clever Ways to Use Household Items".

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