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Social Media 101 for Housing-Industry Professionals – When to Post, What to Post and How Often?

Social Media 101

Type of Content to Post on Social Media

It is important to have a good balance regarding your content. Because you will be using your social media accounts for your business, 80% professional content and 20% personal content is a good rule of thumb when thinking about what you should share online.

If you’re surprised by the 20% personal content piece, remember that it is important for a potential client to feel comfortable working with you. They will want to know a bit about who you are, what you do for fun, and your interests. Also, people want to interact on social media, not just receive sales pitches. 

Here are some great content pieces for sharing on your social media:

  • Blogs and articles
  • Images
  • News
  • Business successes
  • Positive reviews about you
  • Informational content
  • Educational content – teach your audience something new
  • Upcoming events
  • Holidays
  • National Days
  • Success stories

Get in a rhythm

Now that you have some ideas for posting, you may be thinking “but how often should I post?” Because each social media platform serves a different purpose for users, the amount of times you should post varies.

First off, consistency is key. In order for your followers to pay attention to and value the content you share, you need to be sure you are posting at least once a day on all social channels. This helps keep you top of mind. After the first share of the day, the amount of times you should post a day changes depending on the social media channel.

Cadence for each platform

For Facebook, the biggest social media platform, two posts a day is the sweet spot. After two posts, engagement starts to drop. Posting more than three times a day could start to feel spammy, increasing your chances of annoying your followers, or worse being unfriended. To get the most engagement, post on Facebook between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

LinkedIn, the biggest professional network, is a bit different. On LinkedIn, people want to hear about your professional accomplishments, but they don’t want to feel bombarded with information. One post per day on LinkedIn is enough to keep your followers interested, but not overwhelmed. The best time to post on LinkedIn is between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Twitter, the fastest moving, most conversational social media platform, is where you can blow up your profile and no one will bat an eye. It is very common for people to tweet throughout the day – in fact, it’s recommended. The most engagement on tweets happens within the hour that the tweet was posted. So, this means posting every hour makes sense – the more tweets you send, the more engagement you will get. Also, because Twitter is a public social media platform (unless you change your settings to private), you can expect to see likes and comments from people outside your network.

Instagram is the most visual social media platform of all. Similar to Facebook, you want to make sure you are posting at least every day, but no more than two times a day to avoid annoying your followers. It is important to remember that because Instagram is driven by photos and videos, you need to post high-quality content. Low quality, blurry, or dark photos will not perform. Because most people check their Instagram accounts in the morning, the best post times on Instagram are 8 a.m. – 9 a.m. and 2 a.m.  

Now you’re ready to get posting on your social media channels. With the right planning and support you’ll be turning likes into leads in no time!

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