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PANTONE® Color of the Year: The Power of Purple

Purple Interior Decorations

Vibrant, eye-catching, and bold, purple—and its variants—combines the cool calmness of blue with the fiery energy of red. It has been the color of choice for everything from rock music royalty to, well, actual royalty. So, maybe it comes as no surprise that PANTONE has named Ultra Violet 2018's Color of the Year. With its elevated status, chances are you’ll be seeing a lot of this jewel tone in the year ahead and may even be inspired to work it into your own home.

 Why Color Matters So Much

Colors set a tone and have been found to influence behavior. There is an actual science to it, with takeaways that are employed regularly by businesses, marketing firms, and decorators.

When it comes to home décor, color theory can lead people to choose cool blues or earthy tones for their bedrooms for their calming, relaxing effect, whereas bold colors, such as yellow, have been found to bring energy to a kitchen.

So, what, exactly, is the mood Ultra Violet is meant to convey? Given its versatility, the answer really depends on how and where it’s used.

Ultra Violet is…

Imaginative and Inspiring

The rich hue lends itself perfectly to creative spaces. As the accent wall of a home studio or office—or every wall, if you’re so inclined—it inspires productive, inventive thinking. Switching to dishware, drinking glasses or unique serving pieces in Ultra Violet offer unique focal points for a dinner party…or add some new life to Taco Tuesday, for example.

Serene and Reflective

While Ultra Violet can be used for impact, it can also induce a sense of calm when used in meditative spaces. Whether it’s thoughtfully placed tiles around a bathtub or vanity or plush bed linens, the deep soothing hue can add to a sense of peace at the end of the day.

Experimental and Groundbreaking

PANTONE noted that one of the qualities that makes Ultra Violet the 2018 Color of the Year is its historical connection to personal expression. This is why they regard it as a choice most people would be at home with, whether it is used as an accent color, perhaps on a chair, or as the central theme of an area rug. It can even be used on the interior of a cabinet to provide an unexpected peek of color whenever it’s opened.

Rare and Exotic

Since Ultra Violet doesn’t occur in nature very often, it tends to be especially visible among the colors that do. So another way to use this color is by literally thinking outside the box and incorporating it in your landscaping and outdoor décor. The unexpected pop of Ultra Violet on a patio umbrella or chair cushion livens up a space, while lush green plants look even more so set within vibrant outdoor planters.  

Ultimately, Ultra Violet is a color that conveys endless possibilities. Whether or not you decide to incorporate it into your home, expect to experience its psychological benefits as it pops up with increased frequency this year.

How Can you Decorate with Ultra Violet?

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