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Pantone Color of the Year 2019 – Living Coral

Pantone Color of the Year 2019

At first blush, the hue is inspired by the living coral found in thriving oceanic reefs throughout the world but the inspiration for its uses can translate to land uses anywhere. It is 2019’s Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral.

"Animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone" is how Pantone described this particular shade in its announcement of the 2019 Color of the Year: Living Coral. This pinkish-orange shade is already making its impression on design trends for paint colors, clothing and apparel and interior looks. Whether the shade makes you think of the vibrance of multicolored reefs, brilliant sunrises and sunsets or the perfect cut of salmon, this color does represent life-affirming memories and emotions.

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“Vibrant, yet mellow PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment,” the announcement further describes the emotional impact of the color.

Whereas 2018’s choice, “Ultra Violet” was intense, deep and powerful. Or, as some designers described, “In your face,” Living Coral represents a more soothing palette. Maybe this is the calm our psyches need this year – a color that evokes saltwater aquariums, a young girl’s favorite summer dress, or a day-spa relaxation room?

Some might be reminded of tropical vacations and the color of conch shells, tropical fish and birds, and the aforementioned sunrises and sunsets. It is a transformative color, whether it evokes delightful memories or puts you in a serene, calm, relaxing state of mind whenever you encounter it.

So, what are the ways you can incorporate the serenity of this color to evoke its magic?


This color is ideal for spring and summer, both day and evening. It complements a tan, and it’s been a favorite for vacation and resort wear for women on and off for years. But it can work for men as well. Going well with khaki or denim, a coral polo is the perfect shade to keep you cool while hitting the links or enjoying vacation outings. 


Foster soothing calm so you can get restful sleep. This color coordinates well with neutrals, such as browns, muted greens and grays. It also contrasts nicely with black and whites. So, if some find the color too feminine or light, touches can be incorporated in the form of accessories, pillows, a lamp base, or perhaps a glass art and a few florals to brighten up a neutral or dark room?


This color (or hues close to it) can be found in nature a lot, especially among food. Think smoked salmon, Himalayan sea salt, pink grapefruit … this color can bring vibrancy to your dishes or food-themed décor in the kitchen. Brightly colored backsplashes are expected to be on trend this season. What if you incorporated a bit of Living Coral to your décor? This color works as retro or modern too, so it can provide a vintage or contemporary look, depending on the presentation.


Who doesn’t remember this color common among tile choices for midcentury architecture? Compared to teal and white, it was one of most prevalent. And according to decorator Pam Kueber (seen in article linked above), there was a reason for that. The color was Mamie Eisenhower’s favorite. While "Mamie Pink" may have been closer to a standard pink, there were variations on coral that were quite popular as well. After studying the phenomenon of why pink bathrooms were so popular in the 1950s, Kueber launched a movement called

This was now a decade ago and has elicited national media attention where Kueber has given tips and decorating ideas that will update the pink bathroom while maintaining their authenticity and history. Incidentally, if you check the blog, “10 Facts About Pink Bathrooms” on Pam’s blog, one of the great reasons for the color is that the reflected lighting is extremely flattering for everyone.

If you’d like to take some of your décor from Ultra Violet to Living Coral to help you calm things down a bit in the coming year, a remodel or renovation can be just the solution you’re looking for. A Cash Out Refinance from New American Funding can help finance your new look.

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