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Making Mother’s Day Last

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day and flowers go hand in hand. In fact, it beats Valentine's Day for floral sales. This year, you might want to consider celebrating the day with something a little more lasting than a bouquet. From a fruit tree to flats of annuals in Mom's favorite color, you can literally help her put down roots in a show of appreciation for your own.

Consider the Conditions

When browsing for the right blooms to gift, keep in mind where they are likely to be planted. You may find a gorgeous plant that pops with color, but if it will require more sun than Mom's yard typically receives, you should probably look for something more appropriate. Another factor to keep in mind is the climate. It’s best to choose plants that are native to the region where she lives or that grow in a part of the world with a similar environment. For example, rosemary and succulents do well in Southern California’s climate, while tulips and peonies, which thrive in cooler conditions, would be more of a challenge to grow.

Think About the Meaning

Beyond choosing plants based on color and growing conditions, try selecting some that have a special meaning. For instance, pansies are said to represent thoughtfulness and remembrance, while daffodils symbolize new beginnings.

Say It With Flowers

Some plants symbolize different things. Here are the meanings associated with a few popular ones:

  • Chrysanthemums are an expression of honesty.
  • Daffodils represent new beginnings.
  • Daisies imply innocence.
  • Lavender signifies devotion.
  • Morning Glory is a token of affection.
  • Pansies convey thoughtfulness and remembrance
  • Purple Iris symbolizes royalty, wisdom, and respect.


Planting a tree in a certain spot, like one Mom can see from her home office, can provide a daily reminder of how much she’s appreciated whenever she glances out the window while on a conference call. Another possibility is to plant a flowering shrub or bush for every child or member of the family, creating a tree line that represents the family line.

Get the Whole Family Involved

Gardening is something the entire family can do together, making it a nice treat for any mom. Regardless of their ages, encouraging kids to be part of the planning, and letting them help pick out some of the plants, can make the whole experience that much more meaningful for everyone.

Adding new life to Mom's yard, especially as a group, is a great way to celebrate her day and give a lasting gift the everyone can enjoy giving and watching grow.

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