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Maintaining Your Memorabilia on Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day Memorabilia

It’s time to dust off your Chewbacca impression: May the 4th is Star Wars Day. Like many entertainment franchises, the “Star Wars” movies have spawned a collectible craze that is still going strong today. Whether it’s action figures, sports memorabilia, or seashells from your beach vacations, if you're like most people, you have a collection you’d like to artfully, and carefully, display. Here are some ideas for curating your curios.

Book It

One of the easiest ways to display your collectibles is arranging them on book shelves. Breaking up the arrangement of objects with your existing books has the advantage of creating a designed look without taking up extra space in a room or overwhelming the eye. You can even think about grouping your objects with books of the same subject. For example, you may have an amazing antique camera collection that would look great combined with books about photography.

Think Inside the Box

Display boxes are another space-saving and versatile option. Depending on your collection, you can group boxes of different sizes together for an eye-catching display or disperse them throughout various rooms of your home, adding a bit of whimsy in each area.

For cherished items that need a little more protecting, a display case with a glass front or shadow box with a deep profile may be the perfect solution. These cases have the added advantage of being able to accommodate multiple pieces—such as a baseball jersey, signed ball, and program—to tell a complete story.

Keep Them Contained

Your collection may include things that are meant to be seen from all angles. In this case, jars, glass boxes, or cloches may be the way to go. Perfect for a side table or mantle, these unobtrusive containers allow things like sentimental dried flowers to be viewed without detracting with an outline or frame.

To ensure your keepsakes stay intact, particularly if your collection is on the larger side, a display cabinet may be in order. They allow you to safely arrange the objects you’d like to display and discourage visitors from handling them if they’re not meant to be touched.

A Room of Their Own

Sometimes our collections take on a life of their own. What starts as a well-preserved Luke Skywalker figure from childhood quickly blossoms into an entire Rebel fleet courtesy of eBay. This kind of dedication may require a dedicated room. Transforming a basement, spare room, or garage into a rock n’ roll shrine may be in order when the enjoyment you get from being able to see and share the things you love can't be contained.

Memorabilia is about more than the things you collect. It’s the memory of the game, concert, or trip that the item evokes. Preserving that memory and being able to tell the story to others with the aid of visuals from the experience lets you relive that special time. Happy collecting, and May the 4th be with you!

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