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Joseph Coy – Thrive Under 35

Joseph Coy

Joseph Coy has been a New American Funding team member for the last 4 years where he works as a Loan Officer (NMLS #957945) in the Los Angeles, California branch. His current role entails developing and maintaining Real Estate Agent relationships, preapproving buyers, and ensuring the loan closes as quickly and smoothly as possible. Joseph joined the New American Funding family after receiving a recommendation by a friend who was an employee at the time and he had many great things to say, all of which Joseph still finds true today.

In his free time, Joseph enjoys:

  • Spending time with his girlfriend
  • Riding his bike
  • Fishing
  • Playing basketball and tennis
  • Visiting local breweries
  • Going to the beach

“New American Funding has always supported my growth within the company, whether it’s allowing me to open a new desk rental or bringing additional people onto my team to help support the growth of the production,” said Joseph. “They always welcome new suggestions and are always willing to collaborate on ideas. New American Funding lets me succeed and have fun at the same time and I’m able to keep a balance between my personal and business life, which is very important to me.”

Joseph thinks that the company culture at New American Funding is centered on positive energy and it’s collaborative, employee-focused and fun all at the same time. The work ethic is innovative, and everyone is a team player.

Since joining the company, he’s had a great experience and he can’t see himself working anywhere else. Not only does he enjoy the company culture, he feels everyone always has a positive attitude and there’s lot of collaboration from all the employees to strengthen and maintain the company’s industry-leading edge.

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