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Home for the Home Games

football, beer and snacks

Sports season is upon us—rejoice! For the true fan, if you can't make it to the game the next best thing is enjoying your favorite team at home with family and friends, a nice cold beer, and a bowl of comfort food (whether your comfort is chicken wings, nachos, hot dogs, or anything in between). Am I right? Let's not even get started on watching a rival home game from the comfort of your favorite lazy boy. No traffic or weather conditions to deal with and you get to sit in your own favorite comfortable chair … Yes, please!

A recent theory I heard about that's becoming more popular with fans is "homegating", which is the equivalent of tailgating at home. The concept is easy enough and if you are like me, any reason to host a party is welcomed! Click here for ideas on how to rock out a homegate, and game day entertaining ideas.

Now, we all know there is nothing that beats the thrill of being surrounded by fans that love the teams and sport as much as you, and the energy that resonates from the building is always electric. But if you can't make it, think about giving homegating a try, you just might start a new tradition! Below is a schedule for 2013-2014 season for football and basketball. Use it as your background or print it out. Pick your team, pick a date, and homegate away!

For the complete NBA schedule,

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