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Game Day Entertaining: Football Parties

Game Day Entertaining: Football Parties

Football Season is back in full swing. I'm sure many new home buyers are eager to throw their first entertaining extravaganza for friends and loved ones! Football game viewing parties are the perfect opportunity. Check out these tips to get everyone in the competitive spirit.


Send invitations, whether it's a text, call or e-vite. For really big games like the Superbowl or your favorite bowl game, you can send football themed invitations. (Go big or go home, right?) The more the merrier, family, friends and rivals should all be invited. There is nothing better than a little team rivalry and chances are your invited guests like different teams. When inviting your guests tell them to wear their favorite team's jersey or team colors!


If you really want to get festive, buying party decor is a great touch. Party City has a great selection of party essentials, including specific team themes. You can choose the original football shaped party supplies or go for items with team logos. If you're looking for more formal decor that you can keep out year round, check out Nordstrom's great selection of team memorabilia for the home.

Game Day Eats

The best thing about watching football is the food and beer consumption (let's be honest!). This is an integral part of throwing a successful football viewing party. The best way to keep your guests full and happy through all 4 quarters is to continually have a food spread throughout. Chips and dips are staples. Other finger foods such as vegetable trays and fruit trays are always a hit. The Food Network has some great game day party recipes for appetizers and small bites.

For the main course, you want to keep it hearty and easy to eat. Try hot dogs, hot wings, hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches, or tacos.

It's important to have a variety of drinks on hand, especially if it's an all-age party. Water and sodas should be present for those who aren't of drinking age. If you're using cups have some sharpies lying around so that guests can mark cups with their names on them. Beer is most likely expected from your guests and if you are expecting a large crowd you may want to consider a keg.   (Please drink responsibly!)

For those of you who have a sweet tooth (like me) the course you may be looking forward to the most is dessert. This is the food course you can really get decorative with! A fun idea you can do is purchase a cake tin or cookie cutters that are in the shape of a football. Cupcakes can also be jazzed up with a small fondant football on the icing. These sweets will add to your décor and be appreciated by your guests.


If it isn't the Super bowl and there is no half-time performance you are dying to see, consider having a few footballs that your guests can throw around. Breaking the party into two teams is a fun way to get everyone involved and ready for the second half of the game!

Also, no football party is complete without a pool. Use a 10 X 10 grid poster board to organize the pool and think of a fair buy-in for your guests. This is a super fun way to get all your party guests involved in the game and keeps things competitive until the end of the game. To print your very own grid and for detailed directions, visit


If you really want to go the extra yard line opt to add a few extra details to your party. Some suggestions to make it feel like a real tailgate can include warrior face paint for the diehard fans in a multitude of team colors or foam fingers! As always, streamers, pom poms, signs and confetti all can add an extra pizza to your football inspired party. As always, Pinterest is a great place to gather any inspiration.

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