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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is here. It's time to put the final touches on your decorations, stock up on a few extra bags of candy and discuss Halloween safety with your children and family. Here are some great tips to keeping your family safe this Halloween:

Be Seen

Dress your children in light-colored costumes or make sure that they are carrying a flash light or glow stick so that they are easily seen by cars. You can also accessorize their costumes with reflective tape, tags, or trick or treat bags.

Safe Costumes

If your child is wearing costumes that could potentially obstruct their eyes, nose or mouth in any way, be sure to make any adjustments to the costume prior to leaving your home. You may need to utilize safety pins, string, or ties to make sure that the costume fits your child properly. It's best to avoid anything that you believe might cause irritation or unsafe walking conditions.

Join your Kids

Trick or treating can be a fun event for the whole family! The best way to keep your children safe this Halloween is to simply go with them while they trick or treat around the neighborhood. Be sure that your children are walking not running and that they stay close to you at all times.

Check Candy

Before your kids start to dive into their goodies be sure to fully inspect their candy. Examine for potential choking hazards, spoiled candy, or candy that appears that it might have been tampered with in any way. When in doubt throw it away.

General Safety Tips

Be sure that your children understand that even though it is Halloween they still need to follow the basic safety instructions that you have taught over the years such as: not talking to strangers, look before crossing the street and to call 911 if there is an emergency.

Also, be sure to check out great ideas for any last minute Halloween shopping and pumpkin carving tips.

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