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How to Save Money This Halloween

How to Save Money This Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and for some of us that means another bill to pay. The only thing scarier than flesh eating zombies is all the money wasted on a single night filled with spooky parties and haunted houses. But it doesn't have to be like that! Read more for Halloween ideas and tips on how to save money!

Cheap Costume Ideas

A fun way to get new costumes and into the Halloween spirit is to throw a costume swap party with all of your friends. Invite everyone over and have them resurrect all their old costumes and bring them over. No one wants to wear the same costume twice, so everyone will be excited to trade and get something new for free! If you want to get really creative you can mix and match different things to make a completely new costume. Keep in mind items you have around the house that you could possibly use as props. If anyone is attached to their old costumes, you can always host another party after Halloween to swap everything back.

Potluck Party

Don't want to spend a bunch of money on food for a party? Host a potluck! Have everyone bring a delicious dish so the entire cost doesn't fall back on you. Get a list going of what everyone is going to bring so you only have to buy whatever is left. This is also a good way for your friends to show off their cooking skills and to get a variety of different foods for people to choose from. Impress your friends by making one of these delicious fall recipes!

Shop Online

Don't forget to take advantage of the World Wide Web! There are great deals on Amazon for candy, decorations, and costumes that will save you money. Get a list going early of anything you might be able to buy online to avoid going to the pricey party and Halloween stores. No time to order online? Check out these last minute Halloween ideas.

Sweet Tooth

Try checking out the Dollar store for candy. They have name brand stuff for only a dollar and the kids will never know the difference. Since candy is in such high demand this time of year, there are a lot of coupons for candy. Keep your eyes out for some good deals. Also, a great way to save is to give every trick-or-treater just one piece. They might not like it but I'm sure their parents will appreciate all the money you will be saving them in trips to the dentist. Another sweet tip: buy candy you don't like so you aren't tempted to eat it all before Halloween!


The pumpkin patch may be fun if you have kids but it isn't fun for your wallet. You can save on pumpkins by buying them at the grocery store or your local farmer's market. If you can hold off until the day before Halloween pumpkins prices plunge dramatically. You can make a quick pumpkin pit stop the day before and get your money's worth.

Save Your Decorations and Costumes

If you do splurge on costumes or decorations, make sure you pack everything up nicely so you can use it again in years to come. Taking good care of the things you buy will save you in the future and prevent you from having to buy new stuff every year.

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