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Ensuring the Grass Is Always Greener—All Summer Long

All Summer Long

As the weather gets warmer, you’ve probably rediscovered an extra room in your house: your backyard. With all of the entertaining spring and summer bring—from wedding and baby showers to graduations and birthdays—your outdoor space may need extra upkeep to ensure your lawn looks its best before, during, and after your celebrations.

Before the Party: Keep a Consistent Maintenance Schedule

As with maintaining other areas of your home, your backyard needs regular attention, too. As part of this maintenance, establish a regular watering schedule that takes into account rainfall amounts in your area. To ensure the water gets deep into the ground, water your lawn early in the day on a weekly basis.

Regular mowing, fertilizing, and, even, aerating can also help lawns stay healthy despite heavy use. When it comes to mowing, it’s best practice to keep grass a little longer during summer weather to help it withstand any dry periods. Also, keep your mower blades sharp so cuts are even and clean.

When prepping for a backyard party, take a quick survey of your yard and fill in large holes or level out any uneven areas that may pose a challenge to your guests. Also, installing paving stones can encourage people to use a path rather than treading on the grass.

The Day of the Party: Setting the Stage

While enjoying your celebration should be your top priority, there are a few things you can do to make sure that happens. Avoid mowing and watering the day of a party. The extra grass provides cushioning, and you don’t want the soil to be muddy.

When setting up for the party, enlist your entire family to help clean up debris and any toys that have been left out. Be sure to use your entire back yard when designating areas for furniture and activities. For example, if you’re putting out a kiddie pool as part of your celebration, choose a spot that’s different from the last place you set it up. This will keep one area from being overused and allow that spot to bounce back. As you place your outdoor furniture, make sure it’s sturdy and can bear weight so drinks stay in cups and food remains on plates. 

After the Party: The Clean Up

Once the last toast is given and your guests have said their goodbyes, you can start tidying up your backyard so you both can rest. Store any lawn furniture you’re not using or move it to a patio surface to take some of that weight off your grass. Then, use the hose or a sprinkler to water down any spills or food the fell on the lawn. This will help keep your yard from absorbing anything it shouldn’t. You may also want to consider aerating high-traffic areas to prevent that section of grass from becoming compacted.

Outdoor parties and summertime go hand in hand. Treating your lawn with the same care you would the floors inside your home will help keep it looking fresh for the next time you entertain.

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