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Embracing Diversity: New American Funding's Commitment to Mirroring Communities We Serve

Embracing Diversity: New American Funding's Commitment to Mirroring Communities We Serve

In today's rapidly evolving nation, companies recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion in their workforce. At New American Funding (NAF), a leading mortgage lender, we stand at the forefront of this movement, actively embracing the concept of mirroring the communities we serve. Caroline Isern, Senior Vice President of Multi-Cultural Lending, and Mosi Gatling, SVP of Strategic Growth & Expansion, share their insights on the significance of hiring practices that prioritize diversity and the impact it has on understanding and serving diverse communities.

The Power of Personal Connection

Gatling emphasizes the importance of personal connection when understanding and serving diverse communities. She believes more than relying solely on reporting and data is required, as it often leaves out a significant number of potential buyers. Gatling states, "Too many buyers are left in what I like to call the in-between because they don't hit a data point."

To bridge this gap, NAF actively engages with communities, showing up and sharing personal experiences. Gatling explains, "If I show up in a community, I can tell them what I've been through. We can talk about my upbringing, and they may see commonalities. Because of that, they understand me. A data point is not going to give communal understanding. It literally runs through my veins because of how I was raised. You can't manufacture it."

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Diverse Perspectives Drive Success

Isern highlights the significance of having a diverse team throughout the organization. She believes diverse perspectives bring unique insights and ideas, leading to better problem-solving and decision-making. Isern states, "The employees you have are essential to the success of what a company does... That's NAF's superpower because it's diverse. It's women, it's men, and everybody has a different vantage point about their path to get to where they are now."

NAF's dedication to inclusivity spans from the ground level to executive leadership, guaranteeing a diverse array of viewpoints in its functioning. Isern adds, "NAF wants to make sure that the way products are presented, they're presented with understanding. It's a real passion for everybody to make sure that we represent the people we work with when we're putting out marketing material and developing products."

Building a Diverse Team for Empathy and Support

Gatling emphasizes the importance of building a diverse team to increase loan numbers and genuinely help people. She states, "I also want to build a very diverse team, not just to get more loans, but really to be able to help people adequately."

NAF actively collaborates with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic-serving institutions, and diversity-focused organizations to access a broader pool of diverse candidates. By participating in community events and local initiatives in Hispanic and Black communities, NAF raises awareness of career opportunities and connects with potential employees.

The company ensures its marketing materials and job postings are culturally sensitive and inclusive, speaking directly to Black and Latino candidates. NAF also sets diverse hiring goals, aiming to increase the number of Black and Latino loan officers by 30% by the end of 2024.

NAF's initiatives, such as NAF Black Impact and Latino Focus, work closely with marketing to make sure that products are presented in a way that understands and addresses the community's pain points. Regular surveys and focus groups are conducted to gather feedback from Latino and Black employees, enabling NAF to adapt and refine its recruiting strategies.

Empowering Communities for Lasting Impact

NAF’s commitment to mirroring the communities it serves through diverse hiring practices is a testament to its dedication to inclusivity, innovation, and client satisfaction. By embracing diversity, NAF fosters personal connections, gains diverse perspectives, and ensures that its products and services are tailored to meet the needs of diverse communities. This diversity leads to better problem-solving and decision-making, strengthens client relationships, expands market reach, and positions the business for long-term success in an ever-changing industry.

With leaders like Isern and Gatling driving this commitment, NAF continues to set an inspiring example for the industry, proving that diversity is not just a buzzword but a strategic advantage that drives success and positively impacts the lives of its clients. Through collaboration, community engagement, and a genuine passion for understanding, NAF is building a diverse team that reflects the communities it serves, ultimately creating a stronger and more inclusive future for all.

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