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Tired of Losing Bidding Wars to Cash Buyers? NAF Cash is the Solution

Compete with All Cash Buyers - New Homebuying Cash Offer Program | Family moving into new home

Thanks to a number of factors, the housing market has arguably never been more competitive than it is right now. Those looking to buy a home are dealing with historically low inventory and facing increasing competition from Wall Street, other corporate interests, and cash buyers, all of which are more likely to win the bidding wars that have now become commonplace. In fact, recent studies have shown that cash buyers are four times more likely to win bidding wars[1].

A Trusted Mortgage Lender

As one of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders, New American Funding is fully aware of how this is impacting traditional homebuyers. Our team of mortgage professionals constantly hears the same sentiment from our customers and our real estate agent partners: how can traditional homebuyers compete in today’s market and secure their dream home?

The answer is by becoming cash buyers themselves. But how do they do that? New American Funding has the solution. We are partnering with NAF Cash, an affiliated company of New American Funding, which recently launched a nationwide cash buyer program, to turn traditional homebuyers into cash buyers.

How Cash Buying for Real Estate Works with NAF Cash

So how does it work? Through this partnership, NAF Cash will buy a homebuyer’s chosen home with cash and then sell it to the borrower with financing provided by a New American Funding mortgage.

This allows homebuyers to compete with all-cash buyers by turning them into cash buyers themselves, giving them the advantage at a time when inventory is at an all-time low and investors are buying up much of that inventory with cash.

A Simplified Cash Offer Homebuying Process

We understand that buying a house is stressful enough as it is, especially in this market, so we’ve made the process as painless as possible. At the beginning of their home search, buyers simply need to get approved by New American Funding. Then, once they find their dream home, NAF Cash will win the bidding war and buy the house with cash. Buyers can then move in when they’re ready to.

That’s right. If you currently own a home and are looking to buy a new one, you don’t need to sell your home first. Homeowners using NAF Cash will have up 90 days to sell their existing home. Once that sale is completed, buyers can move into their new home, which NAF Cash purchased on their behalf, subject to terms and conditions.

Better yet, NAF Cash is available nationwide, excluding New York and Hawaii, and can be used on Conventional and VA loans.

We Can Help You Compete with All Cash Offers

So, why are we engaging in this partnership? It’s simple, really. We want to help level the playing field for our customers at a time when buying a home is much harder than it should be. We’ve seen too many would-be buyers lose their dream home to another cash buyer. And we want to help. That’s why we’re partnering with NAF Cash, to help you win the bidding war and secure the house of your dreams.

To learn more about NAF Cash, click here or contact New American Funding today.

[1]All-Cash Homebuyers Are Four Times More Likely to Win a Bidding War” - Redfin

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