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About Jason Obradovich

Jason Obradovich

Jason Obradovich

CIO, New American Funding

Jason has 23 years of executive experience and expertise in the mortgage industry, developing and managing Capital Markets for financial institutions. He's held positions as Chief Investment Officer, EVP Capital Markets, EVP Financial Strategies and other similar roles for Kinecta Federal Credit Union, Countrywide/Bank of America and New American Funding.

Currently, he is responsible for managing pricing, trading, hedging, investor relationships, warehouse financing, MSR management, liquidity, etc. Jason also authors the Housing Market Update, a regular feature on the New American Funding blog which gives depth and perspective to today's economic news. Jason attended the University of California where he received a BA in Economics and is a member of several prominent mortgage industry trade organizations.

Posts by Jason Obradovich

Maintaining Liquidity When Everything Shuts Down

No doubt by now you’ve heard of the major disruptions in the financial markets in the past two weeks. With the Fed Funds overnight rate near zero percent, there has been a lot of confusion around the level of mortgage rates.


In recent days, we've seen volatility in both the stock and bond markets. Treasury and mortgage rates saw all-time lows and stock price volatility hit all-time highs. What does this all mean?

Current Market Disruption and Historic Low Rates

Due to the coronavirus and its impact on the economy, the mortgage industry is experiencing historic low-interest rates.

Risk to Growth

Welcome back to the Mortgage Rundown. Today we are going to talk about what’s happening in the capital markets.

Where are Interest Rates Headed in 2020?

After interest rates dropped 125bps from high to low in 2019, what will 2020 hold? Let's check in!

2019: Year in Review

The year went from one of expectations of potentially higher rates to one with near record-low interest rates.

How Today's Interest Rates May Affect You

With the Fed lowering interest rates again, there’s plenty to be excited about and to watch for.

How Low Can Interest Rates Go?

Globally there is pressure on rates to move lower in a strong economy. Watch and learn more.

After the Hysteria: What’s Up with Interest Rates?

With the 10 Year Treasury expected in the 1.55 to 1.85% range, watch and learn what might follow.

What Could Happen to Interest Rates?

With the possibility of negative rates subsiding, the question remains: what’s in store for rates?

How low will your payment be?