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About Jason Obradovich

Jason Obradovich

Jason Obradovich

CIO, New American Funding

Jason has 23 years of executive experience and expertise in the mortgage industry, developing and managing Capital Markets for financial institutions. He's held positions as Chief Investment Officer, EVP Capital Markets, EVP Financial Strategies and other similar roles for Kinecta Federal Credit Union, Countrywide/Bank of America and New American Funding.

Currently, he is responsible for managing pricing, trading, hedging, investor relationships, warehouse financing, MSR management, liquidity, etc. Jason also authors the Housing Market Update, a regular feature on the New American Funding blog which gives depth and perspective to today's economic news. Jason attended the University of California where he received a BA in Economics and is a member of several prominent mortgage industry trade organizations.

Posts by Jason Obradovich

Escalator and Rotations

The case for rates staying relatively low is somewhat backwards facing but here are the main points to consider.

Politics vs. Economics

The first 100 days of the new administration begins as President Trump and his team race to action during this most influential time of his presidency.

Looking Ahead and Cheap vs. Rich

Total US retirement assets are valued somewhere around $25 trillion and have likely increased with the latest stock market rally since Election Day.

Maximum Employment and 2% Inflation

Today the FOMC raised the benchmark interest rate by 25bps to the range of 0.50 to 0.75%. This was widely anticipated and the decision by the committee was unanimous.

Brexit Affected Rates, But What Else Does It Mean?

Jason had the unique fortune to be in London shortly after the Brexit vote just a few weeks ago and talked to a few Brits about their opinions on Brexit itself.

2015 2.0

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that 2016 is starting almost identically to 2015.

Why the Fed Raised Key Interest Rates and Mortgage Rates Dropped

Jason Obradovich, EVP Capital Markets, walks you through the effect of the Fed rate hike on mortgage rates.

How low will your payment be?