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Aaron Ninness – Thrive Under 35

Aaron Ninness – Thrive Under 35

Aaron Ninness has worked with New American Funding for the past three years as Branch Manager at the Greenwood Village, Colorado, location. His current role involves helping his team structure deals, mastering the details about the vast loan options offered, bringing in new business and closing loans. He spends majority of his time learning, so he can take that knowledge and empower his team to further drive their success. Aaron chose to join New American Funding because of how direct the company is and the phenomenal service it provides. 

In his free time, Aaron enjoys:

  • Spending time with his family
  • Fly fishing and golfing
  • Camping
  • Downhill, freeride, and park mountain biking
  • Working around the house and in the yard
  • Being a dad to his two kids (3-year-old and a 6-month-old)

“New American Funding has given me the ability to build my team so that I can have a life outside the office,” Aaron said. “We’re focused on efficient process and procedures, and our internal system makes it easy to create new workflows. The company also has a great management structure, which allows any changes to be adapted quickly. I can do my job and still go home and have fun. I have a phenomenal team and I rely on them to provide me with insight into how to manage my growing family, while being the leader I aspire to be.”

Aaron describes the culture at New American Funding as family oriented, fun, and with “an abundance mindset.” He enjoys the positive vibes and hopes to help make New American Funding the No. 1  mortgage lender in the nation someday. He has the vision to do so and believes he can make it happen one day.

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