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7 Ways to Prepare Your Home Before Baby Arrives

Prepare Your Home Before Baby Arrives

Whether you’re a first-time parent or already have a growing family, preparing for your new arrival can feel overwhelming, but hopefully these tips can help ease your worries. You’ll want to take care of as many home improvement projects as you can, before your new addition arrives. Creating a secure, comfortable, and welcoming environment for your newborn doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Check out these seven tips on how you can prepare your home before your due date approaches.

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  1. Test for Toxins: Natural toxins may be hiding in your home without you knowing. Not only can they be harmful while pregnant, but they can also be detrimental to your baby’s health as well. Before your bundle of joy arrives, consult a professional and have your home tested for mold, lead, radon, and asbestos as well as water, air, and soil quality. If tests reveal any contamination, you should address the situation immediately.
  2. Check Your Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors: Carbon Monoxide is often called the “silent killer” because you can’t see, smell, or hear it and exposure to this extremely toxic gas can be deadly. Both carbon monoxide and smoke can quickly make you and your family sick without you knowing it, so make sure you have detectors installed and check them yearly to make sure they are still working properly, and the batteries haven’t died. Double check that each room has one, especially your baby’s room. Better yet, install sensors into your home security system if you have one, that will alert all emergency personnel when a toxic gas is present.
  3. Deep Clean Your Home: Last thing you’ll want to worry about is cleaning your home after your newborn arrives. You’ll want to look out for yourself and deep clean your home before you deliver or hire someone else to do it for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help after your baby is born.
  4. Install a Baby Monitor: Baby monitors come in handy for keeping an eye and ear on your baby. With all of the technology available nowadays, you can purchase a wireless and WIFI-enabled monitor that will come with several features such as tracking any movement, smartphone alerts, and two-way talk. If you go with a cordless monitor, remember to keep it out of your baby’s reach as it can be dangerous if he or she gets a hold of it.
  5. Don’t Forget to Install the Baby Gates: This may seem like an easy home improvement, but this is one of the more important ones. For some, this may not seem as important before your baby starts crawling or walking, but baby gates are extremely helpful for keeping pets or other children out of a specific room that your newborn may be in. Install the baby gates before your due date, so you can become aware with how they work and start getting in the habit of closing them behind you.
  6. Buy a Newborn Bath Tub: Give your baby a bath in a newborn-specific tub that fits in either your sink, counter or fits in your regular bath tub. A newborn bathtub will help you prop up a newborn. Remember to never leave them unattended around water, even if they are strapped in to it.
  7. Do a Safety Check: Many spaces and items in your home can be a safety hazard, especially once they start walking. Remember to cover your outlets, install locks on your cabinets, put all cleaning products out of reach, install toilet locks, stove knob covers, and corner pads for any sharp tables and dressers.

Preparing for your baby, at home, does not have to be stressful. In fact, it can be an incredibly exciting time for you and your family. A little bit of preparation provides a lot of serenity when it comes to your growing family. You’ve got this!

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