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5 Year Rate Protection Pledge

Buy a home with 5-year rate protection

Here’s how the 5 Year Rate Protection Pledge works.

1. Find your dream home

If you’ve been thinking about moving and buying a new home, now is the time.

You know that house you’ve been dreaming about – just a few neighborhoods over? It won’t be available when you’re finally “ready.” In fact, there are more homes available right now than there have been in months.

With this program, you don’t need to be deterred by higher interest rates. You can buy now and refinance to an even lower rate later, if rates drop, with no repeat lender fee or appraisal fee from New American Funding when you tap into this program in the next five years.

If you’re already in your dream home, great! This program works for refinances too, including cash-out refinances.

Visit for full terms and conditions.

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2. Finance your loan with New American Funding

It’s time to turn “I’m just browsing” into “I’m ready to buy.” New American Funding can help you find the ideal loan for you. Our extensive line of home loan options are as diverse as your needs. We also offer adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) and buydown loan programs to help you ease into homeownership with lower initial payments.

We can even help show you how to become a cash buyer with NAF Cash**, an affiliated company of New American Funding. Becoming a cash buyer has its benefits, including:

  • Getting your offer accepted when there’s competition
  • Potentially saving as much as 11% compared to those using just a mortgage*
  • Buying a new home before selling your current home
  • Avoiding storage rentals and hotels in between moves
  • Closing quickly without messy contingencies

3. Lock your purchase or refinance

Just lock your home purchase or refinance by June 30, 2024 and you’ll be eligible for our 5 Year Rate Protection Pledge to you.

Call (855) 293-3884 to get started or start your application here.

No lender fee, no appraisal fee***.

We believe in doing it right – not twice. That means no lender fee or appraisal fee when you refinance with us at a lower rate in the next five years.

If rates drop after you purchase your home, just contact us about refinancing your loan. We can work on getting you a lower rate until June 30, 2029 – with no lender fee and no appraisal fee as part of this program.


Here's our pledge to you:

  1. Purchase by 6/30/2024
  2. Refinance by 6/30/2029

Get an even lower rate with no lender fee and no appraisal fee when you refinance with New American Funding and lock by these dates. It's that simple.

Our commitment to get you a low rate and remove repeat fees.

You want a new home and a low rate, but the market is saying you might have to wait. Don’t let higher interest rates get in the way of your dreams. With New American Funding, you can buy today with confidence, knowing that if interest rates drop at any point in the next five years, we can refinance you into a lower rate with no lender fee and no appraisal fee.

It’s all part of our 5 Year Rate Protection Pledge, designed to help you secure your dream home and financing now, and an even lower rate if rates drop in the next five years. It puts you back in control of your homeownership journey, giving you the peace of mind to save money and time when the next market improvement comes around.

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Want to find out how much home you can afford or what your refinancing options are?

Call us at (855) 276-3747 or visit us online to get started. It only takes a couple minutes, requires no documents, and won’t impact your credit score.

Apply today, be pre-approved tomorrow and get into a new home before you know it!


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*According to a study from researchers at the University of California - San Diego, cash buyers have paid about 11% less than using a mortgage. Reher, Michael and Valkanov, Rossen, The Mortgage-Cash Premium Puzzle (May 18, 2023). Available at SSRN: or

**NAF Cash, LLC, an affiliated real estate company of New American Funding, will purchase subject property in cash and then sell it back to borrower. NAF Cash, LLC does not originate loans or issue loan commitments.

***Lender will cover the cost of the applicant’s appraisal up to $500. Applicants are responsible for any amount greater than $500. Discount may be less in instances where other concessions have been made to applicant.

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