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What to Plan Before Moving

What to Plan Before Moving

Moving to a new home requires adequate preparation and planning. Follow these tips to help ensure your moving process goes as smoothly as possible:

Let Others Know

Aside from informing your friends and family of the big move, it is equally important to let a few businesses and companies know about your plans to change your residential location. recommended canceling any gym, club or local organization memberships and signing up again after you move into your new neighborhood. Also, supply any banks, insurance companies or other similar establishments of your change of address.

Ensure that all providers, such as internet, TV, water and electricity, know you are moving out of your old house as well.

Plan Ahead Before the Pack

Know what you will need during the transition between homes. You may cause yourself quite the headache by packing away all the rain coats and boots if you move during the spring season. Keep potential weather conditions in mind when packing.

In addition, you may want to consider moving more valuable or breakable items yourself. Have a plan and know what you will be transporting and what your movers will be responsible for.

Keep the Car Running

Before the moving day, take your vehicle into the shop and have a mechanic check it out and tune it up if necessary. Having car trouble during a move can throw a serious wrench in all of your plans. By getting your vehicle checked up prior to the moving date, you can cut down on the chance of mechanical issues arising.

Turn on Utilities

Call ahead to ensure that all utilities, like heating, cooling and water, are on and properly working before you settle into your new home, according to Good Housekeeping. You don't want to be forced to skip out on a bubble bath or hot shower after the big move because you don't have access to water yet.

In addition to ensuring everything is up and running in your new house, don't forget to turn off utilities in your old home. 

Plan Your Celebration Ahead of Time

Of course you will want to wind down after a long day or two of moving into a new home. Give you and your family something to look forward to after all the chaos. Plan a night of pizza and board games or make reservations at a local restaurant.

Doing something fun can help you settle in and relax a little despite any issues that might arise during the moving process.

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