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The Perfect Kitchen Remodel, Part 1

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Investing in your house is a good way to both increase the value of the property as well as enhance the home you live in. However, the process can be quite expensive as well as stressful. Fortunately, by planning ahead and knowing how to best tackle a renovation of this nature, you can ensure the project goes smoothly.

Set Your Budget

One of the first things to do when you decide to embark on a kitchen remodel is to figure out a budget. You will want to account for labor, appliances, supplies, eating out at restaurants and also having a little extra money set aside for unexpected emergencies and expenses. Consider how much you can afford as well as the permanence of investing in the space. Do you plan on moving soon? If so, you might want to use other kitchens in the neighborhood as examples for what to include in your kitchen remodel.

When you decide on a budget, HGTV indicated you will want to stay within the bounds of that budget.

Consider When to Remodel

According to a video published by HGTV, the season of your remodel is another consideration you may want to think over before tackling a kitchen remodel. Doing the job during the warmer months allows you to grill out for meals and spend time outdoors more often than if you are to complete a project of this caliber during the winter.

Shop Around

To ensure you save the most amount of money, make sure to get quotes from a few different contractors. Don't settle for the first professional you find on the Internet or in the phone book.

This Old House noted it is worthwhile to ask friends and family for recommendations. This can help you create a list of quality professionals who can make your dream kitchen a reality.

Once you've compiled a list of potential contractors, meet with the ones who match closely with your needs and budget. When meeting, ask about other clients they have served and whether you can contact them or look at some of the professional's work. This can give you a better idea of what working with him or her will be like.

While each contractor will provide you with an estimate, it's important to understand there may be additional fees and expenses if something is uncovered during the renovation process. Ensure you consider this when deciding on a professional to complete the job.

If you have any sort of hesitations about hiring a contractor, This Old House indicated you should trust your gut. A kitchen remodeling project is a substantial investment and you should feel confident in the person you decide to hire.

Know How Much to Pay Upfront

To start a project like this, you will likely need to provide some money upfront. However, never pay more than 30 percent of the total cost before the contractor begins working. Establish a payment schedule that works for both parties and stick to that.

Consider organizing it dependent on the completion of certain phases of the project.

Don't Commit Common Mistakes

When doing a kitchen remodel, there are many issues that can easily be avoided by planning ahead and knowing exactly what to look out for when embarking on this journey.

Your design should reflect your needs and lifestyle. Don't spend a great deal of money on something because it's trendy and popular at the time. If you aren't regularly concocting complicated recipes and creating interesting meals, you probably can skip expensive, professional cooking appliances. Instead, stick to what you need for your unique situation.

According to House Beautiful, you'll also want to be careful of over-designing the space.

"It drives me crazy when a kitchen is over-designed," said Christopher Peacock, a designer. "Knowing when to stop is the real challenge."

While there are a plethora of features and options out there you can incorporate into your design, you don't want too much going on in the space. Remember its purpose and try to avoid getting distracted.

Another common mistake that winds up negatively impacting a kitchen remodel is constantly changing your mind. If you've decided on maple cabinets, don't decide oak is a better option at the last second. This will wind up costing you both time and money. Unless the change is essential to the remodel, refrain from bringing it up to your contractor.

Kitchen remodels can add a great deal of value to your home. In addition, you will be one step closer to turning your house into the dream home you've always wanted. However, it's crucial to understand how to best ensure the process goes smoothly and works in your favor.

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