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Smart Home Buyer Mortgage Checklist

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Have you been preapproved, found your dream home, and are ready for the next step in home buying process? If so, I have a perfect checklist for you! In my experience, when it comes to a key life event it is great practice to find a method to organize the information and take the steps necessary to put yourself in the right direction. One of the best ways that you can get on track for a fast home loan close and recognize yourself as a smart homebuyer is with the following mortgage checklist:

Checklist #1

Checklist #2

After reviewing this list, I know that it may seem a bit tedious but having all of these items ready from the beginning can save you a lot of time in the process; the sooner that you are able to complete your mortgage transaction the sooner that you can move in to your new home!

I hope that this mortgage checklist was useful and will help you in the process of buying your new home. To get started, print out a copy of this blog and use it as your list when gathering the information for your loan officer. Now that you are on track for a successful transaction, feel free to leave your tips below if you have any other tips for fellow homebuyers!

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