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Preparing a Space for Your Baby

baby nursery

If you have a baby on the way you are probably eagerly awaiting the arrival of your bundle of joy. Between buying adorable tiny outfits and organizing showers you will need to set aside time to decorate a nursery for your new addition.

Follow these tips when designing a place for junior:

Location, Location, Location

Deciding which room is best for baby is largely dependent on where it is in the home, according to Baby Centre, a resource for new parents. Select a room that is further away from noise and hubbub. You want to ensure your baby is able to sleep and nap without being distracted or woken.

In addition, a room that is near yours is a good idea. When your child wakes up in the middle of the night you will want to be cribside as soon as possible.

Let It Flow

The design of your nursery should also reflect the decor in the rest of the house. Whether you prefer a more contemporary or traditional style, weave this into the furniture and decor incorporated in the design of this room.

According to The Bump, a lifestyle blog for parents, you should also hang pictures and photographs of your family on the walls. Place these near the changing table so your little bundle of joy can be entertained and occupied.

This also helps bring the room together and makes it feel like it's part of the home—just like your new baby will be part of the family.

Consider Lighting

You will want to ensure you have various options when it comes to lighting. Place lamps in the space and even think about installing a dimmer so you can quietly check on your sleeping baby without turning on a bright light.

Night lights are another option that provide soft light while your child sleeps. There are a number of fun and unique options that can introduce more playfulness into the space.

Invest in Storage

The needs of your baby will shift rapidly. As he or she grows, there will be new clothes and new items your child will benefit from. Having a place to keep everything is crucial.

In addition, having adequate storage is great because it will help knowing where everything is even after a long and stressful night. Keeping the design simple and conducive to your storage needs is a wonderful way to start designing a nursery.

Keep Yourself in Mind

Because you will be spending a great deal of time rocking your baby to sleep, feeding and entertaining him or her, it is important you consider your needs and comfort as well. Purchase a comfortable chair to place in the space. Keep a magazine rack near your chair for easy access. You might also want to consider adding a bookshelf with your favorite novels or putting a small television in the space for those late nights and early mornings in the nursery.

Purchase a Quality Crib

Baby Centre noted babies will use their cribs more than anything else. Invest in a good crib that is sturdy and comfortable. When buying a crib, ensure the slats are no more than 2 3/8 inches apart to ensure body parts don't squeeze or slip through. In addition, corners should not be sharp or have the potential to injure the baby in any way.

When looking at cribs and after setting it up in your home, shake it to ensure it does not rattle. If it does it was either improperly put together or is not a quality crib.

You will also want to purchase a crib that was manufactured after 2011. Things like drop sides and bumpers are no longer considered safe for infants and purchasing a crib with these features can be dangerous.

Consider Color

Gone are the days where parents limited themselves to blue and pink rooms. You can plaster the walls with fun and unique shades. Project Nursery noted different colors can have an affect on your baby. When deciding on a color, select a shade that is best suited for your child. For example, red should only be used as an accent color because it might be distracting. Green shades are calming and nurturing making it a good choice for a nursery.

Buy the Right Supplies

When designing your nursery, consider all the needs you will likely have when it comes to make a home for your baby. If you have a dog, you might want to invest in small safety gates to keep your pup out of certain areas of the house.

Also, black out shades can be a great way to keep the nursery nice and dark or a deeper sleep, noted Naptime Tales, a parenting blog.

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