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Patricia Arvielo, National Association of Women in Real Estate Business

Patty Arivelo

Patricia Arvielo, NAWRB Magazine

President and Co-Founder of New American Funding, Patricia Arvielo, was recently featured in National Association of Women in Real Estate Business (NAWRB) Magazine.

The article details everything from her childhood memories to what inspires her and following her dreams. This interview will take you into the mindset of a successful business owner and what makes her so successful. Here is a preview of the article:

"With over 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Patty Arvielo has helped create one of the fastest growing mortgage brokers in America, New American Funding. From running around the streets of Tijuana to walking the Great Wall of China, she recounts her fortunate experiences and describes how she is the American Dream."

Here is the rest of the article.

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