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Outdoor Living Design Ideas

Outdoor Living Design Ideas

Outside living areas can be one of the most overwhelming spaces to design. Whether you recently bought a brand new home and you're starting with a blank canvas, or you're finally ready to turn that empty space on the side patio into something more, there's a lot to consider. The first steps one must take when thinking about designing an outdoor space is looking at the design aesthetics; style, color schemes, traffic flow, space, comfort, and privacy (just like you would when designing indoor spaces). 

Garden (Herb/Flower)

A healing and rewarding idea for your backyard is an herb or flower garden. The design possibilities are endless! The flowers provide what some call theraputic effects, and if you opt for an herb garden you are going to love the freshness the herbs will bring to your food! You can even enjoy your garden peacefully and relaxingly by adding a hammock or garden swing like pictured below! Check out some secrets to starting a garden.

Fire Pit/Fireplace

Picture this; it's a cool end of summer night. The kids are tired from swimming and running around all day, and you are thinking of the perfect way to cap the night. You go outside, and feel the brisk and crisp summer air as the sun begins to set. Tonight, you will all sit by the fire to toast marshmallows and hot dogs and recap your day!

Backyard fire pits and fireplaces are attractive, functional, and provide an excellent outdoor ambiance where your family and guests can get social and cozy! There are many styles and shapes to match any décor you envision in your outdoor space. From classic to rustic to modern, the possibilities are endless.

Lounger Paradise

If you are someone who enjoys lounging and enjoying the company of others, on a more personal and quieting level- having an outdoor living room might be the thing for you! Having an outdoor living room essentially doubles your living space without having to add square footage to your home, score!

Once you have decided what you want to do with your outdoor space and what you want the space to be used for (relaxation, entertaining, cultivating, etc.), create a plan and determine the size and layout of the space to create your personal oasis. All that will be left is enjoying, so get creative! It's important to mention that all outdoor projects can be as costly or frugal – simple or grand as you desire, but the goal should always be to create an environment that will be used, cherished, and enjoyed by you, your family, and friends.

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