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March Madness: Houses with Hoops

Basketball Court

Soon the national conversation will turn to the vulnerability of top seeds, the “Sweet Sixteen,” and Cinderella stories. Many of us will pour over our brackets, taking part in March Madness, while the rest will be doing it out of a true love for the game. The kind of love that is increasingly finding expression at home.


  • Did you know all of the top four seeds have only made it to the Final Four once? It happened in 2008.

Got Hoops?

Some homeowners have upped their game, taking it from a simple hoop on the driveway to devoting a serious amount of their yards and even a portion of their square footage to complete basketball courts.

The outdoor courts often feature special surfaces, while the indoor courts sport wood floors, padded walls, and gymnasium-style lighting. The costs can range from several thousand dollars to $15,000 to $45,000 or more. This depends on whether the project is limited to a playable surface or if the basement is being dug out to create sufficient ceiling height and a regulation court with scoreboards is the end goal.

Home Improvement

For many homeowners, the addition is more than just an expression of their love for the game. The home gym can be used to accommodate workout equipment and provide children with a safe, all-weather spot for activities that range from basketball and dodgeball to indoor skateboarding.

Like homes with pools or theaters, when it comes time to sell, a property with a basketball court will be most attractive to a similar-minded buyer. Although reports that sports courts, especially the indoor variety, are becoming more common with luxury homes, and are increasingly viewed as a positive when that type of home is sold.

For other buyers, a sports court may not be as much as a detraction as a pool might be, since the ongoing maintenance and liability costs are far more modest. Also, the space is typically easier to convert to a different use.

Just Doing It

For those who have the money or the home equity available to fund their hoop dreams through a refinancing or second mortgage, it can make sense to press forward. If you plan to stay in your home for a while, and your family has game, bringing your love of basketball home can help you extend March Madness into a year-round affair.

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