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Guide to Home Staging

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Selling a home might seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, there are techniques to improve and simplify the process. Home staging is a great way to appeal to prospective buyers and downplay any weaknesses. Follow these tips for setting up the sale of your house for success:


First impressions are very important. The curb appeal of the home you are selling should be one of your priorities. Make sure that your front lawn has been properly tended. The lawn should be mowed and any weeding or trimming should be completed. Also consider adding a few potted plants to dress up the entrance to your home.

Get Rid of Clutter

Throw away any unnecessary items. Remember that prospective homebuyer will be interested in looking at the entire home. Closets and other storage spaces should be neat and orderly. Part with items that will not be used in your new home and organize the belongings that you are keeping.

Avoid letting your rooms look overcrowded and keep your shelves and storage units simplistic and uncluttered.

Upgrade with Paint

Give your home a makeover with a new paint job. Changing up the colors in your house is a great way to liven spaces and tailor them to your needs. A lighter shade will make a smaller room appear larger while a darker color can make a bigger room seem cozier.

Select colors that are neutral enough to go with any potential buyer's decor, but still offer warmth or coolness to a room. Your color palette should be uniform but also offer a bit of variety. If you aren't confident in your ability to select quality colors, consult a professional at your local hardware store.

The Importance of the Kitchen

According to Realty Times, a real estate news and advice publication, the kitchen is the key to selling a home. This room is where cooking, entertaining and eating takes place. A great portion of our lives is spent in the kitchen, so it isn't surprising that this particular part of the house is such an important factor when purchasing a home.

This is where you should invest money if you are considering any major updates before listing your house. Even painting outdated cabinets or adding new door handles can give this room a facelift. If the appliances are outdated, think about setting aside money to replace them. Remember that this room is your major selling point and make it count.


Renovating a bathroom is a difficult task. If you need to upgrade this room but don't want to spend the time and money on improvements, establish a color scheme and hang new towels and a new shower curtain. Small adjustments can make big impacts on spaces such as this.

Also clean the bathroom thoroughly. Ensure that you get rid of any mildew, grime and mold that may be growing in this room – a simple solution of bleach and water will do the trick.

Heating and Cooling

The heater and air conditioner are two very important utilities in any home. When potential buyers are looking, they often ask about these particular appliances. Make sure that they are both working properly, and that you can answer any questions about their performance. It is also a good idea to have them nice and clean.

Appeal to the Senses

During an open house, leave refreshments out for potential buyers to nosh on while touring your home. This is a great way to make them feel comfortable in the home. Baking cookies and brewing tea or coffee beforehand also leaves a delicious aroma in the house that will make people feel right at home.

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