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Getting Rid of Furniture Before a Move, Part 2

moving a sofa

Sorting all of your belongings while preparing for a move can be stressful. Trying to fit every last item into boxes makes many people wonder how they acquired so much stuff in the first place. An easy way to make a move easier and decrease anxiety is to get rid of unnecessary things.

If something hasn't been used in months or years, there's a good chance it won't be missed. Plus, many things can be easily replaced after move-in day is over.

There are many ways to remove clutter from the moving process. It all depends on the item and its condition. Here are two good ways to get rid of the things you don't want to squeeze into a moving truck or pay movers to drive to your new home.

Sell Your Stuff

Many people and places will be more than willing to buy used clothes, books and furniture pieces that are in good shape. If you plan on replacing some the things to get rid of after the move is over, this is a good way to help finance the upcoming purchases.

According to Moveline, a company which helps estimate costs of relocating, there are many ways to get rid of excess things before moving. Linda Gatri, CEO of eMarket Boost, a Web and digital design firm for small businesses, told Moveline her strategy for sorting through her things.

"I start by offering things to friends and family, telling everyone I know what's available," Gatri explained. "When they've made their choices, I advertise furniture, electronics, good jewelry and designer anything online or in a local paper; I consign furniture, art, and antiques to a local shop; and finally I have a take-no-prisoners yard sale …"

Craigslist is widely known for enabling people to buy or sell their used things to local people for low costs. However, it is not the only option people have. According to, consignment shops and secondhand stores will typically buy clothes that are still in good condition. Used furniture stores will buy people's furniture, but some may require the seller bring the furniture to the store.

U.S. News & World Report said there are many ways to sell things online that aren't Craigslist, such as This website allows people to join a group based on what they want to buy or sell. is another option, allowing people in a small area post items they wish to sell as well as post other community-related messages. This is also available as an app.

Donate to Charity

There are many people and stores that would be happy to have used clothes or furniture you might otherwise throw away. Donating your used items can be faster and easier than selling because you don't have to find a buyer or agree on a price. Plus, knowing you helped someone out by giving away the things you no longer use or need can be rewarding.

There are nearly countless ways you can donate your used items. One of the more popular places to bring used items, such as clothes, electronics and furniture, is Goodwill. This store sells your donations for low prices and gives back to the community by giving people job training and work experience. According to the company, in 2014, Goodwill provided more than 2 million people with job training and placement services.

According to Moveline, local charities, such as domestic violence shelters or refugee centers, may have a need for furniture or clothes. It suggests looking at the Furniture Bank of North America to find a nearby location that will accept used furniture. The United Way will usually know what charities in the area are looking for donations.

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