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Getting Rid of Furniture Before a Move, Part 1

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When packing up for a move, it's easy to get overwhelmed. There is no better way to discover how much stuff you actually have than to try to fit it all into boxes. Packing the biggest items into a moving truck requires a certain amount of strategy. If you decide to opt for professional movers, large furniture turns into a decision about how much it will cost for it to be moved.

Because of factors like cost and space, many people wonder if keeping their sofa or bed is worth the hassle, or if getting rid of it and buying a new one would be better. Here are some tips on deciding whether or not to keep that large piece of furniture.

The Couch

Your couch is likely the biggest piece of furniture you own. Because of this, the most important consideration to make is whether or not the couch will fit into your new home. It would be unfortunate if it took up space in the moving truck only to be thrown out on move-in day because it wouldn't fit through the front door. As points out, it's crucial to measure each part of a sectional. Some sections may fit, but moving it would only be practical if all sections do.

It would also be worth keeping in mind the colors and design of the new house. If the couch clashes with the room or blocks natural light, it may end up being replaced anyway. In this case, getting rid of the old one and buying a new one would save time and stress on moving day.

The Bed

The average person spends just about 28 percent of their time sleeping, according to a Gallup poll. This is probably the piece of furniture you use the most. While it is undoubtedly an important piece of furniture, it is also a  big one. The frame can be broken down and folded to fit comfortably in the corner of a moving truck. However, the mattress and boxspring take up a lot of space. According to Bedding Experts, queen size mattresses are the most popular. They are 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. That space could be saved for other irreplaceable items.

If you have had bedbugs, it can be tempting to get rid of the mattress right away. However, American Pest Control of Montgomery County warns against this. Moving the mattress around could spread bugs or eggs to other parts of the house. They recommend waiting to move out or throw away the mattress for at least two months after treatment to ensure the problem doesn't come back in the new home.

Other Items

When preparing for a move, take note of how often you actually use your furniture, appliances and other items. If they're taking up space and rarely noticed, they might not be a good idea to bring it to your next home. Budget Movers warns against convincing yourself or your family to keep something around that might not be used.

Apartment Therapy advises to determine how replaceable items are. In some cases, if an item can be replaced or a reasonable cost, getting rid of it before the move isn't a bad idea. However, if something has sentimental value that can't be replaced, find room to take it with you. Items that would be too expensive to replace are worth keeping as well.

Getting Rid of Everything

Some take a more aggressive approach to deciding what to get rid of. Lifehacker's Eric Ravenscraft suggests selling everything before a big move. While this might not be for everyone, he explains that this eliminates a lot of stress and can even be practical. Plus, starting over is a good way to make sure everything is coordinated.


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