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Fun and Easy Labor Day Party Ideas

gathering of friends around a table full of food

Summer is coming to an end which means it's time to start planning the last big holiday of the season: Labor Day. This is a very popular weekend for friends and family to get together and say goodbye to summertime. Whether you are having a pool party, barbecue or dinner party, there are a few house party essentials to make sure that your end of summer bash is a real success.


When throwing a party, having enough seating for people is a must! While many people go to parties and enjoy being social butterflies, it is important to have seating areas for guests to rest when the summer heat starts to set in. It's also a simple way to provide a comfortable setting for your not-so-social guests. HGTV can help you get inspired with seating.


Labor Day is the perfect holiday to celebrate the patriotic nature of our country. Incorporating the red, white and blue colors of the American flag can help highlight your theme and make it fun for everyone who attends. No matter if your party is a picnic, BBQ or dinner party, make a combination of these three colors and your décor will be a hit. Purchase some inexpensive party accessories like streamers, balloons, plates, napkins or even make some DIY Labor Day projects. Finalize the decorations with lighting by using Tiki torches or string lights as they are sure to be the perfect touch of ambiance to any outdoor party.

Food and Drinks

Since Labor Day symbolizes the end of the summer season and promises the beginning of fall, a lot of people decide to celebrate with a backyard BBQ. With that in mind, begin building a traditional menu of grilled dishes like hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks: simple plates that are the staple of any outdoor shindig. Top it off by serving a few refreshing beverages like these recommended summer drink recipes.


This is my personal pet peeve. If you're like me, I'm sure you've been to a party that lacked any entertainment at all which inevitably caused you to yawn one or two times. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MISTAKE! If you're leaning towards hosting a more casual backyard picnic, plan on organizing team games such as volleyball, bocce ball, croquet, or kickball to really get your guests involved in some fun and friendly competition. For an elegant dinner party, consider hiring a local musician or band to provide entertainment for your guests and encourage your guests to dance the night away under the summer stars.

It is time to mark the unofficial end of summer with an event to remember, whether you have a family cookout, backyard picnic, or dinner party in a new home. With these ideas in mind, you'll be able to plan some fun festivities for your friends and family for this upcoming Labor Day weekend. Start planning now as this summer won't last much longer and remember to stay relaxed while you plan and entertain with these easy party ideas. Have an amazing Labor Day!

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