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Fall Decorating on a Budget

Fall Decorating

The leaves are changing colors, temperatures are dropping, and pumpkins abound. Fall is here and it’s time to make indoor and outdoor DIY decorations that are seasonally stylish but stay within your budget. Here are a few tips to make your house awesome for autumn without breaking the bank.

A-thrifting we will go. You never know what you’ll find in a thrift store. Many inexpensive, fall-themed treasures await, especially when purchased out of season. For just a few dollars, you can often find the decorative items you need to make your décor dazzling.

Recycle and repurpose. Here’s an idea that’s both thrifty and environmentally friendly. Take an item that may have otherwise been discarded and give it a second chance as repurposed art. For example, old throw pillows can be embellished with seasonally appropriate shapes and letters (also known as appliqué) for a refreshing new look. Tired picture frames can be transformed with brightly painted autumn colors for stunning wall art. Similarly, used baskets can also take on new life when filled with mini pumpkins.

Let nature lead the way. Whether it’s a few pumpkins or apples, a handful of acorns, or some colorful leaves, nature is the source and inspiration for many fun and festive fall projects. For instance, a wreath made of leaves, a glittery pinecone, some scattered straw on your front porch or dried gourd centerpieces warmly welcome the season. Collecting your materials may be as easy as taking a nature walk in your own yard or going to the produce section of your local grocery store.

Check out dollar store deals. If you need to spend money on your fall decorations, try the dollar stores. Many offer overstocked or close-out items that you can get at bargain prices. In addition to being extra affordable, these decorations are ready to use next year, too!

Stock up and save at season-ending sales. Have you been eyeing fall decorations at a major retailer’s store or site as you wish for the prices to drop? When the season is over, seasonal decorations are often available at significant savings as retailers make room for their holiday inventory. If you’re patient and can wait for these blow-out sales, you can often get what you need at a price that’s right for you.

Time for DIY: While you’re saving your dollars for your current or future mortgage, small decorative touches can go a long way. For instance, for a few bucks, chalkboard paint on some distressed wood can be an inspired way to create rustic folk art with your own timely, stirring sentiments. A fast and easy scarecrow can easily be made with yard sticks bound together for the skeleton and old clothes stuffed with straw for the body to cover the sticks. It’s a great way to welcome friends and neighbors and hopefully help keep away some crows! Homemade cinnamon brooms are also a breeze to make and can be used to decorate any room, while adding a distinctive scent that smells like fall. And, of course, carving and/or painting a pumpkin is a classic fall favorite with endless combinations of creativity.

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