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Energy Saving Myths Busted

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Everyone wants to save money on their heating and cooling bill. And with the emphasis on going green, there is a wealth of information out there that suggests various ways to cut down on energy use. However, some of those tips might not always provide the best solution for decreasing overall energy consumption.

If you have been looking to cut down your monthly energy bill, it is especially useful to also know which energy saving tips can actually work against you in addition to knowing how you can effectively conserve more energy throughout the entire year.

Here are some myths about energy-efficiency that actually cost you more:

Switching Your HVAC System Off While Out

According to Sears Heating and Cooling, turning your HVAC system off while you are at work only to come home and blast the AC to try and bring the temperature down can actually cost you more money than just leaving the temperature at 75 degrees throughout the day.

Instead, change the thermostat a few degrees in favor of the weather to help cut down on the energy used without shutting the system off.

Keeping Lights on Rather Than Turning Them On and Off

While small changes in your indoor temperature are more conducive to saving energy than turning your system off and on whenever you leave and come back, leaving a lamp on all day is not energy efficient. Energy Egg, an energy-efficiency company, noted it is better to only use lamps when you need them because it does not require any extra energy to turn them on again. Leaving them on will continue to drain power and leave you with a more substantial bill.

Turn Off Electronics

Simply switching off your electronic devices does not mean they will stop using energy. They will continue to consume energy while still plugged into the outlet.

Consider unplugging your devices to ensure the discontinue using energy. This will decrease your monthly energy bill.

Investing in Appliance Updates

While Energy Star appliances help cut down on overall energy consumption, your old system might also be sufficient if properly maintained, according to Sears Heating and Cooling. Sometimes new HVAC systems can actually use a substantial amount of power.

If your old system cannot be salvaged, it is likely worthwhile to replace. However, if it still works well and just needs a tune up don't invest in an expensive new system.

Closing HVAC System Air Vents

Another common misconception is closing the air vents of your HVAC unit will help improve energy-efficiency. However, this will actually force the system to work harder and drive up your energy bill.

Make sure you always keep vents open and don't allow anything to block them while they are operating.

There are plenty of ways to help lower the cost of your monthly energy bill and become a little more eco-friendly. However, always do a little research beforehand to ensure you don't wind up paying more.

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