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DIY Home Upgrades: The Bathroom Edition

DIY Home Upgrades: The Bathroom Edition

Whether you're a new homeowner that wants to renovate your bathroom, or you've been putting it off for years, there are easy Do-It-Yourself projects that can take as little time as just a weekend to complete! Not only does upgrading and beatifying your bathroom make your home look good, it also adds real value to your home and is sure way to increase the selling price if you look to sell in the future.

From tips on what projects fit your skills, to what type of paints to use, we have ideas that may fit what you're looking for!

Projects for the Beginner DIY Person

If you are new to the DIY phenomenon, have no fear. The most important step is differentiating between the projects you can take on yourself, and the projects that may require hiring a professional to avoid the stress, danger, and time constraints.

Beginner Bathroom Projects:

  • Painting the trim and walls
  • Replacing a showerhead
  • Replacing a sink faucet
  • Tiling a sink backsplash
  • Replacing a light fixture
  • Replacing a toilet seat
  • Buying/making new decorative accessories

All of the above projects should be possible for any beginner. If you are thinking about painting your bathroom, be aware that there are different types of paints that are suitable to different parts of your home.

Choosing the Paint for Your Bathroom

If you are going to be painting your ceiling go with a flat paint. A flat paint is easy to work with and if you mess up, you won't be able to tell as much with this type of paint.

As for the walls, go for a satin finish, aka egg shell, or a semi-gloss. Both of these paint types are durable and make it easier to clean/wash the walls since they are scrub-able, while still giving the walls a bit of shine. It's also a more durable paint. You'll also want to use the semi-gloss for the trim or molding.

While looking for these different types of paint, you may consider a paint and primer all-in-one to save on time, and potentially money.

If you're trying to make your bathroom look bigger, try painting the ceiling the same color as the walls, or for a more cozier look you may want to try painting the ceiling a darker color than your walls. If you have a bit more time and want to get creative, look into using a stencil pattern for your bathroom. You'll be amazed at what just painting will do for your bathroom!

Intermediate Bathroom Projects

If you're more intermediate than that and think you may be able to handle more, there are projects for you, but if at any time you feel that you're in over your head, call in the professionals.

  • Tiling a floor
  • Tiling a tub/shower area
  • Replacing a toilet
  • Replacing a sink
  • Replacing a vanity

Intermediate to Advanced Bathroom Projects

Kudos to you if you fall into this category of DIYers. You're obviously a master and if there was a black belt in the DIY world you would have one. Below are some projects that you may want to tackle to make your bathroom beautiful.

  • Removing/replacing a tub
  • Relocating a toilet
  • Adding a shower enclosure
  • Installing a stone countertop
  • Installing a new bath fan

Envisioning your dream bathroom before you start is half the battle. Once you have the dream, talk to a professional, research online, assess your options, and make sure you get a buddy to help you out with your project. If you find that you need the funding to make these upgrades, you might consider talking to your mortgage advisor about the FHA 203k Home Improvement Loan.

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