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Creating Perfect Spot Binge Watch TV

Creating Perfect Spot Binge Watch TV

Streaming websites, like Netflix and Hulu, changed the way we enjoy our favorite television shows. Spending long hours with your favorite characters should be enjoyable. Create the perfect atmosphere in your home living room for the ultimate binge-watching experience.

Invest in a Quality Television and Sound System

A good TV is a better venue for your shows than your tiny sticker-covered laptop from college. Take a look at larger screens and consider purchasing an Apple TV or other streaming device that allows you to watch all of your shows from the comfort of your couch.

In addition, you might want to invest in a superior sound system. recommended being able to sync your speakers up to your iTunes, Spotify or Pandora station to ensure you never have to move from your homebase.

Apartment Therapy emphasized the importance of television placement. Cut down on the number of glares and reflections that can impair your viewing experience. The best height to have your television is 30 inches higher than the lowest seat.

Keep It Comfortable

Make sure that your sofa and other seating allow you to snuggle in and enjoy every second of incredible TV. Comfort should be your priority when shopping for any chair or couch in this space. Test out different furniture. When you head to a store, sit and lounge on the floor models to help you make your final decision.

Also keep pillows and blankets easily accessible. Consider keeping any extras in a chest.

Design with Television in Mind

Dwell recommended dressing your windows with curtains to block out unwanted lighting. Having proper draperies can help set the mood for the ultimate viewing experience. Select dark colors to ensure no unwanted lights sneak into the space. Allow the curtains to easily be drawn open when you are not using your living room to watch television. Remember that light might not be optimal when watching TV, but it is wonderful when it comes to making your space appear larger.

Additionally, you may want to place a mirror in the space not only to make your living room seem bigger, but also to see the different expressions on the faces of your fellow bingers when the big reveal happens.

Incorporating various forms of lighting is also helpful when designing this space. This allows you to change the amount of light in the room at anytime.

Do not overcrowd your space. You want to make sure you can easily slip away when nature calls without bumping into any furniture or tipping over any decorative accents. Remember it will likely be darker during your weekly television binge.

Make Your Dining Experience Delectable

If you are spending 14 hours straight rewatching The Wire, you are going to need to eat at some point. Ensuring that you can easily eat your grub is crucial. Invest in a coffee table that you can conveniently reach without dropping pizza sauce or ranch dressing on your couch.You may want to consider buying television trays and small stands to improve you and your guests ability to comfortably eat.

This is also where varied lighting is important. Having a soft glow in one corner of the room will help you see while eating, but it will not impair your ability to watch your favorite television shows.

If you have the space, suggested also including a miniature fridge in your design for easy access to your stock of various treats.

Your living room should accommodate how you want to spend your time within the space. Creating a room that caters to long hours watching your must-see television show can enhance your viewing experience greatly.

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