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Build Your Man Cave

man cave

The jock that wanted to watch every game at once used to have to go to the local sports bar; the nerd needing to pass every level of every video game used to have to go to the arcade; the film buff desperate to know every line to every film used to have to theater hop at the nearest cinema; but no longer. Today all those things can be done in the comfort of one's home and, depending on the level you take it to, can be done relatively cheaply. More and more guys are finding ways to build a man cave all their own at home. And women (for those living with a significant other) are, in many cases anyway, embracing it! Husbands and dads that used to be frequently absent are now just a few feet away often times grinning ear to ear in a chair with some kind of reclining capability. All backs are scratched. It's the dawn of a new era.

The first step in building your man cave is finding a location. Some convert a spare room. Others, suspecting their thundering surround sound systems or abrasive berating of sports officials might be disruptive to others in the house, may choose something a little more secluded. A garage or shed usually works great for this purpose. Basements or attics are also great options.

Many have opted for a nondescript style to their man cave, but many others have transformed their personal space into a mini-museum dedicated to their favorite hobby or an ode to that which they love. For instance, some have recreated or reimagined movie sets that evoke the bridge from "Star Trek," and others have erected a monument to their idols.

A theme is a great way to express your interest in whatever it is that fascinates you. It provides a certain wow factor for guests and helps to create that divide from reality one might be seeking by building a man cave in the first place. Think about it, holing up in a room designed to look like a batcave would make it pretty easy to forget anything going on outside of its walls.

Once you've decided on a location and theme or style for your room, you'll need to fill it. If reading is your thing then books, a lamp and a comfortable chair will pretty much cover you. However, I have to imagine "library" man caves are incredibly rare. That said, a staple for pretty much all man caves is the TV and a general rule here is "bigger is better." Whether you're playing video games or watching movies or sports, the TV is generally the sun in this universe. Just like the actual sun wouldn't provide much light or heat if it was smaller, your TV won't provide much joy and entertainment if you have to strain to see it, so splurge and go huge! Several items will stem from here. If a particular sport is your obsession, you'll want to look into what sports packages are offered through your television service provider.

These packages will be an additional cost, but are a must as they will provide virtually limitless game coverage. Gamers will want to decide what console(s) they will need, and cinephiles will want the best home theater they can afford. Non-TV-related must-haves include a recliner (a chair that basically turns into a bed without you having to get out of it) and a refrigerator (a magical box that keeps your brew of choice cold at all times). Your particular tastes may require more specific provisions, but these aren't bad places to start.

You may want to establish rules for your man cave like "no women or children allowed" or a Bring Your Own Booze (BYOB) policy for guests. Your domain is yours to command and design. Be creative and have fun with it!

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