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A Look at VA Home Loans Infographic

A Look at VA Home Loans Infographic

Veterans Day is on Friday and is one of the most venerated holidays of the year, as it should be. It's the day where we celebrate the sacrifices that our nation's brave heroes have made so that we may live in freedom.

As a mortgage company we do our best to honor the Armed Forces of our country and their families. So we asked ourselves, what do we know about veterans and how can we honor them this Veteran's Day? We spoke to some of the veterans that work here at New American Funding and we came to this conclusion: we know A LOT about how to help veterans take advantage of the VA Home Loan Guaranty Program.

The VA Home Loan Program has helped millions of veterans and their families buy a home, build a new home, or refinance their current home for more favorable terms.

Thus came the idea of creating a Veteran's Day infographic showing how much this program has helped the veterans of our great nation.

A Look at VA Home Loans

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