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5 Tips to Ensure a Stress-Free Move

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If you've recently purchased a new home, a congratulations is in order. However, after the closing costs are paid and you've celebrated becoming a homeowner, it's time to move into your new residence.

Unfortunately, moving to a new place isn't always easy. Sometimes things break and you find yourself stressed most of the time. While relocating will likely cause some worries, you can help combat this reaction.

Follow these five tips to alleviate stress while moving to your new home:

1. Hire a Professional

One of the best ways to help make your move easier is by hiring a professional to do the job. These individuals have the experience to do the job well and far quicker than you would be able to on your own - even if you enlist the help of your whole family.

When deciding to hire someone, Real Simple suggested asking friends, family and even your real estate agent for recommendations of good workers. They can help a great deal and provide honest feedback regarding different companies relative to their experiences.

In addition, you should have different moving companies come to your home and provide you with an estimate. This can help you decide who to hire based on budget. However, don't only depend on this. Typically the final cost is higher than the estimate, but it can give you an idea of how much the final bill will be.

Sit down with all professionals and ask about their experience. Even ask if they can provide you with any references you could reach out to and gain a more complete picture of their work.

2. Make Preparation and Organization a Priority

Staying organized is one of the most crucial parts of ensuring a smooth move. Make a list of everything that needs to be completed before the move and keep it on hand at all times. As you complete tasks, update the list to mark your progress.

Make sure you include things such as letting others know about your change of address, canceling memberships to local facilities and turning off utilities when you move out.

Getting some of your packing done ahead of time is also a good way to help eliminate stress. When you pack, make sure you always mark all boxes clearly. After moving to the new house you want to make sure you can easily and quickly find the items you need. Keep everything that belongs in specific rooms together.

Two Men And a Truck, a moving company, suggested avoiding mixing items in the same box because this can get especially confusing.

3. Know Where the Important Things Are

When packing, you want to avoid losing or damaging your most prized possessions. To avoid this, make sure you know exactly where these items are and ensure you can easily access them whenever you need to.

Don't move these items and boxes until absolutely necessary to ensure you know where they are at all times. This is especially important if you have small children who want to know where their toys are during the move.

In addition, when packing valuables, you want to make sure they aren't crushed or easily broken. Pack them with proper supplies.

In some instances, you may want to consider renting a unit from a storage facility to keep larger items you can move later. However, keep in mind that professionals have substantial experience moving things carefully. Speak with your professional and ask for his or her opinion regarding your especially valuable items.

4. Take Photographs When You Leave

Before you leave your apartment and move into a new home, it is important you take pictures of the space, noted Apartment Therapy, a blog for individuals who live in apartments. To ensure you get the correct amount back from your security deposit.

In addition, you want to thoroughly clean and clear the space of all your belongings. Schedule a time with your landlord when you can both walk through the space. You can show him or her you have properly taken care of the space and cleaned it for the next tenant.

5. Become Familiar with Your New Home

When you move to a new place it's important you start making it your home right away. In addition, you will likely want to give yourself a treat after a long move. Kill two birds with one stone by making reservations at a local restaurant or spa right after you've moved in. You can look forward to an evening out having a meal prepared for you and you can get out in the neighborhood and experience some of what it has to offer.

Consider volunteering and joining various groups in the area to start meeting your neighbors. Once you move in, you'll want to make your new house a home.

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