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2015 Top U.S. Cities, Part 2

2015 Top U.S. Cities, Part 2

The new year brings an abundance of new lists and predictions. Business Insider's report of the hottest 15 cities for 2015 may help you decide which community you should move to next.

Madison, WI

The Wisconsin city's skyline is currently under reconstruction. This year, Madison's development projects were valued at $337 million. Due to the increased rate of young adults wanting to live in the area, a majority of those new developments are intended to be apartment buildings for this demographic. The University of Wisconsin 's presence in the city also brings a great deal of millennials and young professionals into the local job force.

National Geographic also indicated that Madison was one of the top 10 happiest cities in the world. There is always a way to stay active and have fun all year round in the city.

Mobile, AL

The Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce announced in a press release that the Alabama city was awarded the president's "E" Star Award. This award recognizes impressive export expansion. This growth has provided many jobs and attracts many professionals to the area.

Mobile's coastal location also allows for easy interaction with both South and Central America.

Nashville, TN

This popular city has become especially known for the health care and auto industries. The Tennessean recently reported an expansion of the medical training program at the University of Tennessee's local satellite campus. The project will be the most expensive investment in Nashville.

Jobs opportunities in the health and auto fields are impressive. Many new residents are drawn to the growth and potential the city has to offer.

The New York Times released an article that outlined the best things to do in Nashville, and music, food and culture were not in short supply. Everything from delicious food trucks to the extensive entertainment scene keep residents and tourists coming back for more.

Oakland, CA

A hipster pilgrimage continues from San Francisco to Oakland. A wide array of vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants, watering holes and stores with an emphasis on local and vintage goods are available in the California city.

The appealing culture of this region and steadily increasing cost of living and real estate of San Francisco are driving crowds to Oakland.

Pittsburgh, PA

Steel City is attracting swarms of new residents. Pittsburgh is home to a number of interesting bars and restaurants enjoyed by the public.

The Reading Eagle recently reported that the local real estate market in Pittsburgh is continuing to grow into 2015.

"Next year looks like it's going to be a fantastic year for first-time homebuyers," said Tom Hosak, president of the West Penn Multi-List and president and CEO of Northwood Realty Services. "That's because the ratio between the median sales price and the median salary in our market is one of the best in the country." 

According to Forbes, Pittsburgh's major industries include health care, bioscience and technology. The city is also one of the top 50 places for business and careers and among the top 100 for job growth and education. These advantages make Pittsburgh an appealing city where many individuals enjoy living.

Queens, NY

Like Oakland, Queens is becoming increasingly more popular as Manhattan and Brooklyn real estate skyrockets. Queens is also one of the most diverse areas in the country.

Melinda Katz, president of the Queens borough, noted the impressive cultural diversity in the area and the benefits they offer. There are residents from over 120 different countries that call Queens home. This diversity provides an abundance of programs, events and a variety of delicious and unique food in this corner of New York.

Business Insider also noted that Andrew Zimmern, an American television personality and food writer, praised Queens for its wide range of food options.

Venice, CA

The growth of tech startups in this area has bolstered the enhancement of Venice. In addition, many startups are drawn to affordable rent for larger spaces.

The California Report noted that the boardwalk is a great place to experience diversity and the unique culture of the Los Angeles neighborhood. The free-spirited community experienced a spike in population when Google and startup employees moved into town. The creative energy of this region may have appealed to a number of professionals working in the tech industries.

With the recent population growth, the amount of wealth increased as well. Real estate agents in the area believe that this boom is responsible for driving the local economy.

Washington, D.C.

The capital of the U.S.'s public transportation system is getting a much needed facelift with the Silver Line. The Washington Post reported that the first phase of the project was completed in July. Phase one cost $2.9 billion and initiation of the project began more than five years ago.

A decline in traffic and car congestion is one of the principal benefits of the Silver Line, but further retail and commercial development in conjunction with the new transportation option will also boost the local economy. The second phase of this reconstruction is anticipated to be available to the public in 2018.

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