Submit a Video Testimonial

Rules & Guidelines

All individuals appearing in the video must be at least 18 years of age and their name must be included in the submission.

Technical Guidelines

  • Record your video in landscape mode (turn your phone horizontal).
  • Video must be 60-90 seconds in length.
  • Video file must be no more than 100mb in size.
  • The following file formats are accepted: AVI, MOV, 3GP, MPEG4/MP4, FLV, and WMV.

Content Guidelines

  • Sample videos here.
    In the video, explain why working with New American Funding resulted in a positive experience.
    - Were you able to save money?
    - How was the customer service?
    - How has getting a loan with New American Funding impacted your life?
  • Must be in English only.
  • Please state your name, city, state and whether you purchased or refinanced.
  • Background music may not be used in the video.
  • Company names, trademarks and/or logos, other than those belonging to New American Funding may not be included in the video.