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Why are so many loan officers joining new american funding?

It’s because we know how to keep our agents happy. New American Funding was built by the originator — for the originator. We’re relentless with our tech innovations and our award-winning marketing team keeps the phones ringing with premium leads. We have niche loan products, competitive pricing, aggressive compensation, and nobody closes loans faster than us.

We brought the entire loan process in-house — origination, processing, underwriting, funding and servicing, so nothing will slow you down.

Welcome Aboard

  • New Hire Orientation
  • Point-of-Sale Training
  • CRM/LOS Training
  • Marketing Training
  • Operations Training
  • On-Site Sales Training
  • Product Training (Including VA)
  • We Pay for Licensing (New & Renewal)

You Should Be Here!


We started as a 40-employee call center; now we have about 4,700 employees and fund approximately $980 million in loans every month.

No Cold Calling

100% live inbound calls from radio, tv and direct mail. All internet leads are scrubbed and our team of customer care agents transfer these leads once the client is reached.

Personalized Marketing

Our creative, innovative, in-house marketing agency is at your fingertips. Our library of flyers, postcards, emails, presentations, advertisements and other materials can be easily personalized.

Enterprise CRM

Our Enterprise CRM, Bankerview, offers you online, real-time pipeline and commissions access anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.

Industry Leading Close Times

14-Business Day Close Guarantee†

Nationwide Locations

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