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About Taylir Paynter

Taylir Paynter

Taylir Paynter

Editor, New American Funding

Taylir is an experienced Marketing Coordinator with over 3 years in the mortgage industry and a degree in Communications Public Relations. She helps coordinate and oversees a variety of marketing activities and she enjoys writing mortgage-related content for New American Funding.

Posts by Taylir Paynter

6 Reasons to Check Your Credit Report and Score Regularly

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think twice about checking your credit score, unless you’re getting ready to apply for a new credit card or even a loan. In fact, there are even people who never check their credit scores.

Sweet and Spooky Spending Infographic

Things are about to get scary and we’re not just talking about the ghouls and goblins who will be knocking on your door for Halloween.

Halloween Homes on a Budget: Top 7 DIY Projects for the Spookiest Holiday Ever

If Halloween is one of your favorite holidays and you’re on a budget this year, decorate your home from top to bottom without having to spend a lot of money with these top 7 DIY projects.

How to Grow Your Own Pumpkin Patch

When it comes to fall, there is no better sign of the season than pumpkins, but do you wish you would have tried growing your own pumpkin patch for a fall harvest?

How to Pick the Right Real Estate Agent

Buying or selling a home is an exciting time and can also be an overwhelming experience, even for the seasoned homeowner.

What is a Loan Origination Fee?

For many first-time homebuyers, buying your first home may be overwhelming and all of the costs and fees involved may be confusing. But what exactly is a Loan Origination fee?

5 Home Repairs to Make Now – Or Pay for Them Later

Maintaining your home is a work in progress. Not caring for it properly may result in expensive home repairs down the line that could have been avoided with a little prevention.

2019 Best Cities to Invest In

Investing in real estate can be a successful way to boost your net worth if you know where and how to invest. If you are looking for a good location to put your money, consider the 10 cities below.

VA Streamline or VA Cash Out Refinance: Which One is Right for You?

VA Loans help active military and veterans qualify for homeownership, and if you already have a VA loan, now is a great time to refinance at today’s low rates.

How Would a Slowing Economy Affect Interest Rates?

With the 10 Year Treasury at its lowest since Nov. 2016, economic concerns continue to grow.

How low will your payment be?